WWE Racing Showdown Beginners Guide and Tips

Throttle away your rivals, keep the chase going and ride your WWE Superstar to Victory!

WWE Racing Showdown, developed by JetSynthesys, is an exhilarating, high-octane head-to-head racing game where WWE Superstars compete against one another. The game is set in the WWE Universe and asks users to select their favorite WWE Superstar before starting a highly addictive motorcycle race in which they attempt to unseat rivals. In this WWE Racing Showdown beginners guide, we are going to take you through the in-game resource system, and the gameplay mechanics. We are going to additionally share some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game.

Utilizing your in-game Resources

Talking about resources, the game provides Coins and Cash the basic in-game currencies. All in-game transactions are made using these two currencies. Let us find know what they bring to your table:

ResourcesUtilityHow to earn them
Coins1. Repair your bike after a race.
2. Exchanging Training Packs, Physique Packs, Insignia, and Coins from the Shop section.
1. Playing Career Mode matches
2. Completing Daily Goals
3. Playing Challenges
4. As Season Pass Rewards by completing Season Objectives
WWE Cash1. Repairing your bike after a race.
2. Exchanging Training Packs, Physique Packs, Insignia, and Coins from the Shop section.
1. Monthly Login Rewards
2. Playing Challenges
3. As Season Pass Rewards by completing Season Objectives

Next up in the Resources section, we have enhancement and upgradation items meant for upgrading your superstars in the game. Let us now glance through them:

Enhancement ItemsUtilityHow to earn them
Training KitsTo level up your superstars1. Playing Career Mode matches
2. Completing Challenges
3. As Season Pass Rewards by completing Season Objectives 4. Exchangeable from the in-game Store section.
Physique CoresTo enhance the physique of your WWE superstar for performing Supermoves.1. Playing Career Mode matches
2. Completing Challenges
3. As Season Pass Rewards by completing Season Objectives 4. Exchangeable from the in-game Store section.
Skill InsigniaTo upgrade your superstar’s moves and traits and make them more powerful.1. Playing Career Mode matches
2. Completing Challenges
3. As Season Pass Rewards by completing Season Objectives 4. Exchangeable from the in-game Store section.
Race CasesWWE Superstar upgrade materialCan be earned by achieving League Milestones and Battle Passes.

WWE Racing Showdown Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our bonus tips in our WWE Racing Showdown beginners guide for players to assemble, update and train their WWE Superstars and accumulate trophies to rise through the levels quickly. What follows next are some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game.

1. Make sure to complete the Daily Goals

Each day when you log in for the first time into the game, the first in-game area that you must navigate to is Daily Goals. A fresh set of 10 challenges relating to Career Mode are put up each day for users to complete. To be honest, these challenges are pretty simple and easy to complete like landing 10 punches, kicking 5 times, etc.

WWE Racing Showdown Daily Goals
Image via JetSynthesis

Play Career Mode games and complete these goals on a daily basis to earn rewards in the form of in-game Coins. So, make sure not to miss out on them as Coins would come in handy while updating your Superstars and getting Level-up packs from the Shop.

2. Do not miss out on the Monthly Rewards

Unlike most other titles, WWE Racing Showdown has a monthly log-in reward system wherein 25 in-game cash currencies are available for claiming on each day of the month.

WWE Racing Showdown Monthly Rewards
Image via JetSynthesis

WWE Cash can get you Training Packs, Physique Packs, and the elusive Skill Insignias that help your superstar upgrade. So, just ensure that you are logging in each day so as not to miss out on these freebies.

3. Keep upgrading your superstars till they attain a max level

As discussed earlier, your Superstars can upgrade in one of three ways:

  • Training: By improving the Superstar’s primary attributes, such as health and damage, training raises their level. Every Superstar from your Roster will have a max level. Leveling them up to their max level ensures that you get to exploit their full potential. There are two ways by which your stars can level up, first by playing in the Career mode events and gaining Experience points, and second, by consuming Training Kits. To train your superstar:
    • Navigate to the Roster, select him/her from the Superstar List, and tap on Train.
    • Up next, you will find two sections, viz Physique and Power. Under Power, tap on the Train button.
    • To level up your Superstar, you need to assign/feed him Training Kits from your Inventory. You can just select the Training kits you wish to add to his queue by tapping on them. The Power increment and Level increase that your Superstar will get would be displayed at the bottom right corner of the screen.
    • Finally, you need to tap on the Level Up button and spend some in-game Coins to complete the transaction.
WWE Racing Showdown Superstar Training
Image via JetSynthesis
  • Physique Core: How well a superstar can employ their characteristic actions and traits depends on their physical makeup. Upgrading Physique Core leads to an increase in the Superstar tier from Bronze to Silver and so on. To do a physique upgrade on your star, you need to accumulate Physique Cores in your Inventory. When you have them in appropriate proportions, you can complete the transaction by spending in-game coins.
  • Skill Insignias: You can upgrade Signature Moves & Traits to greater levels the higher your physical level is! During a race, your superstar can use these signature maneuvers and traits on their competitors. Each superstar possesses incredible physical qualities that go beyond what is physically possible for a person. These signature moves can be added to your player’s abilities by using another in-game asset called Skill Insignias.

4. Participate in the Multiplayer Mode to stack up trophies and level-up

The Multiplayer Mode is a ranked game mode that unlocks when you reach level 3. Play Career Mode chapters and reach level 3 and once the Multiplayer mode unlocks, challenge yourself to go up against users online.

Winning Multiplayer mode games earns you trophies that help you level up at a brisk pace. In addition to that you will get to earn loads of in-game resources that would ultimately help you strengthen your roster of stars by adding new faces and upgrading the existing ones. The Multiplayer Mode though the most challenging, is the most rewarding game mode as well.

5. Cash on the Season Pass Rewards whenever the new Season arrives

Season Pass is a special in-game section where you can access a Special set of seasonal challenges. Unlike Daily Goals, these challenges don’t have a 1-day deadline. Challenge sets have to be completed before the season’s end date.

As you progress your way through the challenges to unlock the Season pass, go on stacking up loads of in-game resources like Coins, Cash, Training Kits, Physique Cores, Skill Insignias, etc. So, check out this section frequently and capitalize on the Season Pass objectives once the Season starts, as they reward you heavily.

6. Escape on-coming attacks by using the Nitro Boost or kicks

The Nitrogen Boost is an in-game booster that boosts your speed for a few seconds once brought to play. You will find the Nitro Boost icon to the right of the game screen if you are playing with the default controls. However, you cannot use it just like that. The Nitro Boost needs time to refill once the game starts or after you have utilized it once.

This refill action will be depicted by a blue circular path. Once the Nitro Boost icon is encircled blue it becomes ready to be used. Hence, we must know how to use them wisely. Whenever you see your opponent catching up on you and is right behind you, it is the ideal time to smash the Nitro Boost button and speed past him. This would negate any chances of being attacked and getting a downgrade in your Health. This will also keep you ahead in the race at the same time.

WWE Racing Showdown Nitro Boost
Image via JetSynthesis

Similarly, whenever you see an opponent running parallelly with you, smash the Kick button to move them out of your way before they attack you. You may pair up the action with the Nitro Boost button smashed immediately after. Just like the Nitro Booster, the Kick button needs time to refill once used.

7. Collect as many Item Packs as you can on the way

While Racing through to the finish line, you will find a lot of Item Packs lined up on the way. Try to pick up as many as you can by adjusting the direction keys and passing through those packs. These Item packs can get you valuable items that can help you defend and attack during the course of the game. It may also sometimes add value to your Inventory.

8. Perform Signature moves whenever available

Just as we discussed before, every superstar in your roster would know a Superstar move by default. You can even make him learn new signature moves by using Skill Insignias. These Signature moves come into play at the fag end of the race.

WWE Racing Showdown Signature Move
Image via JetSynthesis

Whenever they are ready to be used, the signature move button would be encircled in green. At this stage, when your opponent comes parallel to your bike, you can use this Signature move rather than just landing Kicks. This would make your Superstar smack down your opponent on the track and lead to a decline in his health.

9. Repair your Bike after the race if required

Just like your Superstars, their bike health also reduces after each game depending on the collisions or attacks that it had to sustain from your opponents. You can view your bike’s condition by navigating to the Roster section post the match ends.

If your bike condition shows less than 90%, we suggest you get it Repaired by tapping on the Repair button. This transaction would require a small amount of in-game cash depending on the damage incurred. If you do not get it repaired to 100%, it may have an impact on your in-game performance, especially in Ranked mode.

Final Thoughts

For people who have played Road Rash before, the gameplay would appear to be pretty similar. In fact, it is just as if the WWE Superstars and their Signature moves have been infused into Road Rash. The 1V7 racing battles are surely going to give you an adrenaline rush. The Signature moves and kicks take realism to new heights from the WWE angle. The developers at JetSynthesis deserve huge credit for giving both the wrestling and racing angles an equal amount of space. It is definitely worth a try for the uniqueness in its concept.

That’s all from us for the WWE Racing Showdown Beginners Guide! Did you find our WWE Racing Showdown Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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