WWE Undefeated Beginners Guide and Tips

Time to master an Out-of-ring fighting game!

WWE Undefeated is a brand-new mobile game based on the theme of WWE. It offers head-to-head competitions with characters from WWE in real-time. Players can choose their champion from a variety of heroes copied from World Wrestling Entertainment. This multiplayer Action game provides quick-session matches. Besides, you can collect and even upgrade your signature moves to build up your WWE Superstars. You are free to play as your favorite WWE Superstar and even Legends such as Roman Reigns, The Rock, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, and more. Moreover, one can also join a faction (same as a clan or alliance) to donate and receive moves and different strategies. Before jumping straight into the game, do check out this WWE Undefeated beginners guide to dominate and defeat your opponents.

Gameplay Overview

Starting with the WWE Undefeated guide, the game is offered by the developers of the upcoming game Battlepalooza, nWay Inc. This game presents quick matches that blend fast arcade-style action. One gets a complete experience of over-the-top action with outrageous attacks, unbelievable moves, and exaggerated poses. No matter how much stronger a hero you own, this is a game where skills matter ultimately.

In this game, you brawl head-to-head with real WWE fans from around the globe in real-time PvP action. Moreover, you can also customize your WWE Superstars and Legends with a host of tons of wrestling signature moves and finishers. Players have to be strategic about what moves work best in combination to outshine others on the main stage.

Unlocking new Superstars and Moves

As you move further in this game, you unlock new superstars and moves too. You may receive new superstars and cards from the prize boxes. Besides this, you can also get supercars by completing missions too. WWE Undefeated offers tons of missions every week to spice up the game. It includes a lumpsum amount of daily missions, Milestone missions, and weekly missions too.

All the rewards you can earn by completing the different missions may vary. But, it is guaranteed that you will get the BEST most of the time. Moreover, reach higher leagues to get bigger rewards from loot boxes. It totally depends on your current league, and which level of stuff you will be getting from the prize boxes.

Using the Hype ability

Wait wait! If you are a beginner, it is recommended to not consider it a normal move. This ability is a complete game-changer. Every Superstar in this game is equipped with a unique signature style. These signature styles can turn the tide against your opponents if used wisely.

This special ability powers up your Superstar and boosts up the damage. But what if both of the players i.e you and your opponent use it at the same time?

WWE Undefeated guide

One thing to mention here is that the player who will use the Hype ability first will get the power boost and can create havoc for the latter. Do remember that you have to use the Hype ability only when your opponent is close to you. Unfortunately, if you miss the chance then, it will create trouble for you in the later game.

WWE Undefeated Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. You will be the one who’ll start first and finish last

In this game, the action and the mayhem are larger-than-life. You have to be very quick to respond in order to take the lead. Start with a Strike move and then, rush on. Don’t use Grapple or any other move than Strike. The reason is, at the start of the match, 99% of the players always use a more striking move than any other. You have to start with a Strike move too.

WWE Undefeated guide

Two continuous strike moves and then go back. The opponent will now go mad, wasting his moves unknowingly. Be wise and wait for the right time, to use a grapple attack. Most of the players still don’t know that you can go back and forward too. You have to be the one, who will start first (with Strike moves) and finish last (with max. points).

Tip: Strike cards are yellowish in color. You must go with these cards at the very beginning, to disrupt an opponent’s moves.

2. Go for training whenever you unlock a Superstar

One of the best things about this game is that it allows players to engage in PvP fights with AI Bots. While playing with Bots, you can test your new Superstar, understand his finisher moves, skills, and much more. Before going on for the multiplayer battle mode, you should practice as many cards as possible in the training.

If you wished to do so, you just need to click on the “Practice” option under your Deck option to start your training with AI or a dummy player. Besides, if you are wondering how a Bot will train you. Then, do note that the AI in WWE Undefeated is far more than just a BOT. Yeah! you will get really good practice in the game’s training mode to sharpen your skills.

3. Introduction to moves (best way to use)

WWE Undefeated guide

Here are the lists of several moves and the best way to use them accordingly in the game:

  • Grapple: Grapple cards are orange in color. These cards are a bit slower in movement but deal heavy damage to the opponent. It can even break your opponent’s defense with ease as compared to strike moves. These moves are best suited when you attack from behind the opponent or at the right time when your opponent’s power is extremely low.
  • Strike: As mentioned earlier, these moves are fast-paced. However, it deals low damage as compared to Grapple moves. Strike moves are best suited for those, who like to rush as soon as the game begins. All you have to do is use any 2 strike moves and go back. Wait for the opponent to come near you, confuse and dominate.
  • Defend or Counter: These cards are blue or light blue in color. This category of moves provides a defense to your Superstar. It acts as armor and nullifies some of the moves of your opponent. Most of the time, these moves are used to defend your roaster from Strike moves. The best way to use it is that stay calm, and let your opponent use a striking move. As soon as your opponent uses a striking move, you can use this move to defend yourself from the attacks.

4. The basics of Superstar’s cards

To make the game more interesting to play, the developers have introduced the concept of different cards. However, beginners may find difficulties in understanding which card is suitable for them. One can notice some information by clicking any card in the deck. This information plays a vital role in deciding your victory. Here is the complete information about which cards you should focus on in the initial stages:

  • Speed: This attribute shows the response speed of the card. The lower the value of this attribute, the slower your Superstar will execute your moves. In simple terms, it shows how fast a particular move is. You should always focus your attention on such cards that have “Fast” speed in comparison with others.
  • Range: Range shows the distance or range of the move. It can be of 3 types: short, medium, and long range. Tip: Most of the time short range moves deal heavy damage, whereas a long-range move deals less damage.
  • Hits: It reflects the amount or number of times your player will continuously hit the opponent. A card with 3 hits means it will hit the opponent 3 times continuously (without a pause).
  • Total Damage: This value shows the amount of damage inflicted on the opponent. In simple terms, the higher the damage, the more health will reduce. Players should always focus on cards with a higher damage amount. Moreover, you can upgrade your cards’ stats too with a few in-game bucks.


In conclusion, this game proves true to its name and gives a thrilling experience to the players in the game. It has over more than 10 most popular WWE Champions such as Roman Reigns, Undertaker, The Rock, etc.

Despite being a card-based brawler, it offers cool graphics, the intro of your selected Superstar, and much more. With tons of deadly card-based moves and a variety of signature styles, it becomes a definite must-try mobile game for all WWE lovers. Above all, if you get stuck somewhere, visit this WWE Undefeated beginners guide anytime to KO your opponents in this power-packed WWE mobile game.

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