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Battlepalooza is an upcoming Battle Royale game set to release on December 10th on Android and iOS

Another Battle Royale game for mobile!

With Free Fire winning Esports mobile game of the year at the Esports Awards, it’s clear to see that the Battle Royale genre is extremely popular on mobile. Now looking to join in on the fun, nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca, is creating a battle Royale where the gimmick is that gameplay takes place in real-world cities. The game is titled Battlepalooza and is set to release on December 10th.

Gameplay Overview

The game takes a different approach to the mobile Battle Royales than most of its contemporaries. To promote this less skill-focused style of gameplay, the team at nWay decided to focus on strategy, skill, and luck. The game takes the top-down aspect from Moba’s as we said, but it’s not just that. They also have an equipment loadout system similar to that found in RPGs and they also have a leveling and progression system similar to what’s found in MOBA.

battlepalooza release

When these factors are combined it turns fights into a battle of numbers as much as it’s a battle of player reflexes. Many weapons include a gravity bomb, invisibility, drones, warp potions, and more. Once all of these items are equipped into various loadouts players will need to think strategically to stay on top in fights.

What to expect?

Battlepalooza has a more cartoony style, which you’d see from a game like Fortnite, and they take a top-down perspective to the gameplay much like League of Legends. The player count is also much lower, it’s a 24-player battle royale with the choice of Duo or Trio squads. With drop-in drop-out multiplayer, nWay really aims for accessibility in access and promotes very little downtime between each play session.

When will Battlepalooza release?

Battlepalooza is scheduled for a December 10 release on both Android and iOS devices. For those who are interested to get early access, Battlepalooza is available to pre-order now on the App Store and Google Play 

What is your opinion on the Battlepalooza releaseDo you think it’ll make an impact on the already stacked Battle Royale genre? Let us know in the comments!

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