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Zenless Zone Zero Reroll Guide and Tips

Reroll efficiently in ZZZ!

Prepare for Zenless Zone Zero as the upcoming urban action RPG developed by HoYoverse, the creators of popular titles like Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact. Anticipated as a leading Gacha game in 2024, it is set to release on Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android. This Zenless Zone Zero Reroll Guide offers valuable insights into efficiently rerolling in the game.

Immerse yourself in a contemporary post-apocalyptic city with a compelling narrative, futuristic visuals, unique characters, and an exhilarating combat system. Follow the outlined strategies to enhance your chances of acquiring your preferred characters and optimizing your gameplay experience.

How to reroll efficiently in Zenless Zone Zero

Mobile games often feature popular Gacha systems where players strive to secure their preferred characters or items from the outset. Rerolling, a common practice in Gacha games, involves resetting accounts to obtain better initial rewards. In Zenless Zone Zero, rerolling is a straightforward process that requires multiple accounts.

Zenless Zone Zero Agents
Image via HoYoverse

To claim 10 free pulls and pre-registration rewards, players must progress through specific parts of the story and tutorial upon entering the game. Additionally, reaching level 5 grants a free 10 pulls, allowing players to enjoy a total of 30 pulls by completing the overall tutorial and unlocking the Signal Search.

Advancing through the initial story quests, players reach the main gameplay lobby after completing the second part of the main story battle. Here, the game introduces the Summoning System known as Signal Search, where powerful and rare characters can be obtained through the Gacha feature. Legendary Characters are challenging to acquire naturally, making rerolling an attractive option for players seeking a strong start in the game.

Zenless Zone Zero Reroll Guide for Android Devices

Upon initiating the summoning system, players are granted the character Billy Kid for free, followed by the availability of various summoning options. When rerolling, the main focus should be on the limited banner summon, also known as the Exclusive channel. While it doesn’t guarantee a legendary character, early in the game, accumulating numerous pulls is easily achievable due to the abundance of free rewards for new accounts.

Zenless Zone Zero Gacha
Image via HoYoverse

If the received legendary character is unsatisfactory or if no legendary character is obtained, players have the option to either create a new HoYoverse account or utilize third-party platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Google for account creation. This provides the advantage of rerolling multiple times. To reroll on Android devices, follow these steps:

  • Log in with your HoYoverse account.
  • Complete the tutorial in less than an hour.
  • Claim Signal Searches from the game mail for Gacha pulls.
  • Use Signal Search to summon S-rank characters.
  • If the desired character is not obtained, log out of the game.
  • Reset the game from the lobby upon entering.
  • Exit the game and reopen it.
  • Log back in using a different account for rerolling.
  • If the desired S character is obtained, set your account.

Zenless Zone Zero Reroll Guide for iOS

Rerolling in Zenless Zone Zero is the same on both iOS and Android. Just follow the steps mentioned above for a successful reroll in the game.

How to reroll on an Emulator in Zenless Zone Zero

For efficient rerolling, it is recommended to use emulators as they enable multiple options simultaneously. Popular and suitable emulators like BlueStacks, LDPlayer, and Memu come equipped with the necessary features and user-friendly functions for rerolling. If you encounter issues, consult official guides or search online. To begin rerolling on emulators, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Install the game on a 64-bit emulator instance for better performance.
  • Open the game, complete the download, and close it.
  • Alternatively, download the game’s APK and use the emulator’s APK Installer.
  • Create multiple game clones from the emulator’s Manager menu (adjust based on computer specs).
  • Reroll on each cloned instance individually.
  • Delete undesirable results and create new clones from the main instance.
  • Once you get the desired S-Rank character, set that account as the official one and continue playing.

How to bind a game account in Zenless Zone Zero

To link your Zenless Zone Zero account to an external application, ensure you have an account on platforms like Facebook, Google, or iCloud for the mobile version. Alternatively, you can create a new HoYoverse account if needed. Launch the game, find the login icon, typically in the center of the screen, and tap it.

Zenless Zone Zero bind account
Image via HoYoverse

In this section, select the Bind option. Choose the Link Account option, and then follow the instructions to connect your game account to the desired third-party app or HoYoverse account.

That’s all from us for the Zenless Zone Zero Reroll Guide! Did you find our Zenless Zone Zero Reroll guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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