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ZIO and the Magic Scrolls: The complete Reroll guide and tips

Make the reroll process AFK too, just like the game

ZIO and the Magic Scrolls is an RPG-style AFK game developed by Super Planet. The game features the classic AFK game system, and the battles are usually fought with 5 heroes against various enemies, including Gods and Dragons. With ZIO and the Magic Scrolls launched just recently, here we bring a Reroll guide for it, so you can have an easy start.

How to reroll efficiently in ZIO and the Magic Scrolls

ZIO and the Magic Scrolls reroll guide for Android devices

  1. Start the game with a guest account, make sure to not login into any third-party account at the beginning.
  2. Play through the tutorial until it’s finished, it can take anywhere from 5-12 minutes. Once that’s done, claim the premium currencies for gacha roll from various quest rewards and the mailbox. 
  3. Roll on the desired banner, if you get the preferred characters then bind the account. If not, continue on to reset the account.
  4. Navigate from Settings to the Account tab, there will be an option for Reset. Tap on the Reset Account and input the displayed number, doing so will give a fresh account to start from the very beginning.
  5. Continue this cycle until a perfect rerolled account. 
ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Reroll guide
Image via Super Planet

ZIO and the Magic Scrolls reroll guide for iOS devices

Usually, iOS restricts any viable method for rerolling, but the game has an in-built system to reset accounts, so reroll is possible here. Follow the same steps as the Android reroll.

How to reroll on an Emulator in ZIO and the Magic Scrolls

Emulators are always the preferred tools for rerolling as compared to native Android and iOS devices. There are a lot of emulators out there in the market, each and every one of them has all the bells and whistles for easy rerolling. BlueStacks, LDplayer, and MEmu are some of the most popular ones. Install any one of them and see through the documentation to understand how it works.

Now to start with rerolling on Emulators, follow these steps-

  1. First install the game on a 64-bit instance, 32-bit will also work but for the better performance, go for the 64-bit one.
  2. Install the game on the first instance, but don’t open the game. Start making clones of the first instance, once there are 4-5 instances, begin rerolling on every instance other than the first one. 
  3. Since the game has an in-built reset account option, there will be two ways for efficient rerolling. One way is to simply reset the accounts each time in all the instances simultaneously or the other way in which delta the bad reroll accounts and clone again from the base first instance. The first method should be relatively faster but the decision is up to you.

Whenever you get the perfect account, bind it to any other third-party account and enjoy the game.

How to bind your game account in ZIO and the Magic Scrolls

Bind Account Zio and Magic Scrolls

The available bind options are also located in the Account tab, navigate from Settings to Accounts and then bind the account to either Google or Line. 

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