Blacklist International Interview after MLBB M3 World Championship

The team secured a 4-0 victory against ONIC PH

Mobile Legends M3 World Championship ended with a bang! Filipino team Blacklist International showcased an amazing performance in the world finals and secured a 4-0 victory over Onic PH. GamingonPhone had the chance to interview Blacklist International to reflect on its overall journey in MLBB M3 World Championship and to tell the fans how they have done this.

What are the differences between playing in the MPL-PH and M3 final? How did the team adjust to the extra pressure of the world championship?

DEXSTARMPL-PH was played online and for M3 it was an offline event. With regards to the pressure of the world championship, Veenus, Wise and Hadji have had experience playing on the world stage so there was really not much pressure. Oheb has mentioned that he doesn’t feel any pressure regardless if it’s online or offline.

How did the team feel after losing against BTK at the beginning and then what it took to bounce-back really strong to become the champion?

BONN – We felt down because we are not expecting that the team that would beat us is BTK. We didn’t expect to be thrown into the lower bracket. We gathered ourselves. The loss was an eye-opener. We forgot something important that we constantly did in the past season that we didn’t apply in our match against BTK.

Which specific match of the finals was the toughest one? Why? How the team overcame that game?

ESON – The first match of the series. Because this is where you will get the momentum. The first game dictates the meta and strategy of the whole series so teams go all out on the first game. The team has already played against Onic in the finals of MPL PH S8, so even though they swapped roles, the familiarity is also there so we didn’t feel any nervousness playing against them.

What does this mean to Blacklist International becoming the champion of the world for the first time? What was the key secret behind this huge victory?

ESON – It does mean a lot to us, especially for those who doubt us and the team. This is the most prestigious achievement that you can get in Mobile Legends. Winning M3 also proved to everyone that our skills are for the international. Blacklist is really for International. UBE in real life is the key!

What do you feel about the fact that the Philippines have become back-to-back world champions? What could be the major factor behind the country’s success on the world stage?

ESON – It only shows that our country, the Philippines, is the strongest. It makes us feel proud. Major factor for this success is because of the full support that we got from our fellow countrymen. We call it “bayanihan”. Esports is also supported by a lot of companies, hence we got sponsors. Another factor is also the local teams who helped us with scrims and practices.

What was the main challenge playing against ONIC PH in the final? What is the speciality of their playing style and what was Blacklist’s plan to counter that?

ESON – They have the upper bracket momentum, winning 9-0 never dropping a single match during the playoffs. Their speciality is banana split which is our favorite dessert. But our counter is UBE.

Which hero in the M3 felt the most annoying and hard to deal with for Blacklist International? Why?

ESON – Lolita. Because we rarely go against this hero.

MLBB M3 World Championship, Mobile Legends M3 final brackets
Image via MOONTON Games

According to you, which region apart from the Philippines had the most potential in the M3?

ESON – America. Considering they don’t have their own MPL and their representative got to the top 3.

The 3rd match in the finals was looking like a hard battle that lasted the longest. What was running through the minds of the players? What made Blacklist International win the nerve game over ONIC PH in that game?

ESON – We just had to be cool and maintain our composure. We followed the shotcall of our captain, OMV.

What was the strategy of Blacklist International to take advantage during the draft pick?

ESON – It’s a secret strategy, an encrypted code that other teams need to decode in order to win.

No team before won the finals like this. It was 4-3 both times. What made Blacklist International win 4-0? What the team feels on this massive victory?

ESON – It was the familiarity with our opponent, Onic PH. And we maintained our composure. Also, the momentum that we had grinding from the lower bracket.

What can the fans expect for the upcoming MPL-PH season and M4 from Blacklist International?

ESON – Expect the unexpected. More shocking that Echo’s roster reveal.

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