ONIC PH Interview after MLBB M3 World Championship

Milestones are yet to be conquered for ONIC PH

Mobile Legends M3 World Championship ended with a bang! Filipino team Blacklist International showcased an amazing performance in the world finals and secured a 4-0 victory over ONIC PH. Although ONIC PH could not become the champion, a great performance was put together by the team in MLBB M3 Finals. Luckily, GamingonPhone had the chance to interview ONIC PH to reflect on its overall journey in MLBB M3 World Championship and to tell the fans how they have done this. Most of the questions were answered by the team head coach Yeb and Lark, the head of their Esports Development on behalf of the players.

What went wrong in the finals and what would be the core lessons that Onic PH learned from this finals?

We have a few crucial mistakes and Blacklist took advantage of them. We just need to stick to our game plan.

How did it feel to be participating in the world championship final for the first time? What was the experience overall?

Our hearts are filled with joy and happiness. We weren’t expecting to be this tough considering our new lineup was created when we flew to Singapore and making it straight to the Grand Finals is a dream come true for all of us. 

As it was an all Philippines final, what does it mean to the team that the trophy is going to your own country even though you lose the final?

It was a surreal experience that we were unbeatable during our Upper Bracket run and we are also expecting BL to climb their way to the Grand Finals. It’s a relief that both PH Reps were able to make it to the finals because a lot of PH fans were rooting for us to defend the title for our country. Win or lose, we’re happy to fight for the Grand Finals and represent the Philippines.

MLBB M3 World Championship, Mobile Legends M3 final brackets
Image via MOONTON Games

M3 runners up is really a strong statement for the team, what will the team’s future plan after this?

This will be our stepping stone for us being the next Champion and a lesson that we’ll always remember. We will strive for improvement in the following months.

How is Blacklist International as an opponent? What makes them so hard to beat?

Blacklist is a very strong team. Blacklist is the kryptonite of ONIC PH because of their strong team fight and positioning.

What the team thinks after being defeated by the same team in both M3 and MPL-PH? What can be changed to make sure this does not happen in the next time?

We accepted our defeat with Blacklist Int’l and we knew our hardships during the Grand Finals match. We need to have a very strong mental fortitude and handle our emotions so that we can lose the tension and just play the matches as we were doing in our previous matches.

Blacklist International M3 world championship
Image via MOONTON Games

Which moment was the happiest for the team in this M3? Why?

We consider that our happiest moment in M3 was entering the Grand Finals as well as the moments that we’ve met other players from different teams and got along with them.

Who was the hardest player to mark in the finals of Blacklist International?


Not a single victory in the finals even after fighting so hard. How would the players cope-up with this fact?

Even we are so prepared for that kind of situation, the players are very sad but after the huddle, we manage to think that there are no regrets and we did well in m3.

What was the initial feeling after beating BTK as they already defeated Blacklist International in the first match? How was the confidence after that match? 

We are confident that we can defeat BTK because Coach YEB studied all their games and find their weaknesses. The confidence is still the same.

What would be the planning to bounce back morally from this defeat?

We need to take a rest first, after that the coaching staff will build a program or plan for the upcoming tournaments and apply what we have learned in m3. 

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