10 Things that KONAMI should fix in PES 2020 Mobile

The wait for the highly anticipated update of the best football game on mobile will be in a month. To remind you again, PES 2020 mobile will be available on your devices in the last week of October. We have already described the necessary tips that are essential for the upcoming update. So if you have not read it yet, give it a try. Many expectations of solid and fluid gameplay in PES 2020 is on loud by its players and best hopes of the same are expected. But it is clear that PES 2019 had many flaws and nerfs compared to its 2018 edition which needs an urgent fix in PES 2020 Mobile. So the biggest expectation is that the players get the best gaming experience. Before we focus on the 2020 update, here are some things that KONAMI should fix in the PES 2020 Mobile.

1. Defending-The never-ending ball watching the saga

Tired of ball watching defenders? Yes, me too. Defending in PES 2019 is more challenging than a match against Superstar COM. PES 2019 brought a new dimension to mobile graphics but that a cost to pay. One of them is defending. Throughout the year, defending has been really disappointing, even though we play two 95+ defensive prowess CBs in your defense, the terrible defending has always let your team down. While this wasn’t common in the 17 and 18 versions of the game, the awful defending has been floating around for a year now. A FIX is necessary.

2. Scripting

The biggest question in the year was whether ‘scripting’ is a thing in PES 2019. Many had arguments placed in the defense or contradicting to the same. But the conclusion that scripting a game before the play started was experienced while playing higher difficulties. Ever noticed COM attacking every time after the 69th minute in Superstar difficulty? Ever failed to clear a ball in your defensive field in the 85th minute? Both the answers are yes, which are easy examples for scripting. As an honest note, scripting might be for increasing the difficulty but takes the fun from the game.

3. Through-balls

Nerfing of through-balls in the game is not a disappointment while considering the online matches as it has significantly reduced the number of through-ball spammers in the game but adding to that, some good runs from the forwards are wasted by the deadly out of nowhere interceptions by COM defenders. Would like to see a small tweak in this area.

4. Goalkeeping

Goalkeeping is really broke this year. Don’t even mention the disappointment when a pass applied from your teammate is being watched by your GK to travel all the way to gift your opponents a goal. Bravo!

5. Player and control Switching

This is one of the biggest issues. And, KONAMI should really fix this as soon as possible. Your players don’t even want to approach a lose ball. A striker who is meters away from a lose ball is selected when your closest player watches the ball to be dancing in the opponent’s feet. Even manual switching doesn’t work well while you do quick counters. Control switching in classic is annoying where even though your attack is stopped by a second’s deflection, controls switch to defensive and random slide tackling of a defender, only to get an yellow, wasting a goal chance. A major fix is expected.

fix in PES 2020 Mobile

6. Passing Accuracy/Speed

Passing has been pretty average. The best passers in the game sometimes misplace passes which is annoying. Also adding that passes are slow, tiki-taka becomes difficult. Once again, 4 passes in a row will lead to the player running after the ball after not receiving the pass. The sloppy player movements are everyday problems even though having staggering body control ratings. KONAMI can bring the variation of passing speed depending upon the swiping speed of your finger.

7. The Bomb or Ball dilemma

The funniest scenes where the players run away from ball. The KONAMI God energy is real!

8. Pressing

While you press to win a ball/intercept, the calling of your teammate is error prone. Very common cases like the Goalkeeper running in the midfield without being called is observed. Not to forget the awful unknowingly activation of the offside trap when you are pressing hard.

9. OP Low Cross

You do everything right in defending, but still you will concede because of this feature exclusive to COM. You would even man-mark the best striker in the COM team yet witness to see a low cross and a net ripping goal outta nowhere by a right back with his weak foot.  

fix in PES 2020 Mobile, PES Mobile
Does this even need an explanation?

10. The rating system

Not a major requirement in terms of gameplay but its really annoying to see the best of the best performances from your player only to be awarded a 9. If 3 goals and 3 assists can’t award you a 10, what would? The next to impossible 10 goals and 10 assists?

We tried to list some of the issues that need a fix in PES 2020 Mobile. If you have more of them, feel free to use the comment section. Hoping for the best in PES 2020 mobile!

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KONAMI isn’t really concentrating in the mobile sector. In TCS game show it has been the same. No change in graphics. Wish to see many changes amd events.


So, Basically konami need to fix the whole game.
I think konami should also remove featured players. E.g featured cristiano ronaldo cracking a shot at top corner with for gk.


Even the challenges are boring. Starting from amateur level in challenges is really frustrating. Tournaments should be introduced in 2020

Abhyudoy Mukherjee

I don’t know if it’s my phone or what…but even in the lowest settings the game lags…the menu is smooth animations are smooth…

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