PES 2020 Mobile update: Release date, News, Tips and FAQs answered

The most awaited PES 2020 mobile update will be rolling out in a month’s time. The hype for the game’s update is unreal, just like the engine it runs on. The console game was released globally a few days back and looking at it, we could expect a lot of new features added to the mobile version as well. Many players playing the game are farming a lot of GP, investing time on the game to pack legends and strengthen the squad. But just before any major update in any game, players will have a lot of questions unanswered, which would often lead to some mistakes committed by the player. In order to avoid the same, read this article which covers almost every topic a player has questions on PES 2020 mobile update.

What is the PES 2020 Mobile update release date?

Konami has not mentioned any exact date for the new PES Mobile season yet. But it is expected that the PES 2020 Mobile update will arrive during late October.

Important information about the Squad in PES 2020 Mobile

PES 2020 mobile update, pes mobile

In PES 2020 Mobile, all the players (except the legends) will be converted to carryover players. In simple words, carryover players are the s19 (Season 19) players, that means you don’t have benefits of using them in tours and in some online games. But you can have your first XI of carryover players playing in your team in campaign games.

Legends will remain in the same rarity. They will not be affected by form either.

The fresh players in PES 2020 mobile are your base players. These are the new set of players (Season 20) for the new season. You can get to play them in any event in the game.

Train your important players to level 31. PES 2020 Mobile will not have the lvl1>lvl30>lvl max transitions. Instead, you can directly train your player to max level.

Don’t release your duplicate players. Use them for future trades. We would insist not to do any trades until the update, as all your trades will go down as carryover players.

Save your agents (Silver+ and Gold+) because that could yield you fresh base balls when opened after the update. But please note, if you are searching for a 3rd duplicate player, you can try opening those packs.

What about the players being removed?

If a particular player is being removed from the game, don’t panic and release him. You’ll get a maxed based player of the same rarity and same playing position, irrespective of his level.

What about the items you own?

All your items, such as Trainers, Managerial skill boosts, Player skills and position boosts, contract tickets, GP and MyClub coins will be carried over to PES2020.

How to use the carryover players after PES 2020 Mobile update?

Even though carryover players aren’t giving you any tour bonuses, the uses of these players are more than what you expect. They yield you more GP when released compared to your regular base balls.

Also, to take note of, we can use them as high-value trainers, given that they can give better XP if used as trainers. Similarly, we can use them to train dupe base balls. For example, if you have a carryover Messi, you can use him to train a base ball Messi to train him faster.

Play campaign using carryover players. If u didn’t have a chance to play a fully maxed team in PES 2019, you can grab that chance by just training your players to level 31. They not only become fully maxed players in PES 2020 but also you can get enough GP and training XP using them.

PES 2020 mobile update, pes mobile
A look of player presentation animation in PES mobile

Trading in PES 2020 Mobile

The trading of duplicate players will exist in PES 2020 mobile, but you should remember this simple information. You can trade your 3 duplicate copies of a carryover player to obtain 1 base ball of the same rarity. But if you have 2 carryover player copies and 1 base ball copy of the same player, you can’t execute the trade.

Other important points to note

  • If a legend from your squad is being removed, you will get a base ball replacement of a regular player, not a legend.
  • If you have boosted your players or managers with your skill boosts, I’m afraid they all will not be counted. All your players will get updated according to the PES2020 data.
  • Changes in the game will be available by data pack updates that would be informed by KONAMI.
  • PES 2020 mobile will be compatible with the same platforms and devices as PES 2019 mobile.
  • The Local League feature that was available in PES 2019 will no longer be available in PES 2020.
  • New legends will be added during the course of the game, so make sure to keep some spaces for them.
  • New animations and gameplay features are added in the game.

Tips for PES 2020 Mobile

In order to start fresh for your new PES 2020 mobile season, we recommend you to follow these tips:

  • Don’t trade your players for now.
  • Try saving GP for the next update. We know its hard considering the generosity KONAMI is showing by giving you top legends, but trust us, it’ll be worth saving your GP.
  • Try getting a manager who is being removed from PES2020 (We’ll add a list of those managers soon) because you get a chance to sign a brand-new manager for your team as a replacement.
  • Try to have some space in your squad for new recruits. Release some of your unused players to make way for new signings.
  • You will get two types of featured players, League and National teams. So, make sure to have coins to grab them!

If you think we’ve missed any topic covering PES 2020 mobile update, please let us know in the comments below.

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Abdu Manaf

Will iniesta be a legend in pes 2020. If he is a legend, then will base ball iniesta be converted into legend or not

Abir Mondal

No ,you will get a new same rarity black ball exchange of ineaste.


I have 3 black balls duplicates which r going to be gold balls in pes20 what should i do with them?
Those black balls r naingollan he will be gold ball right in pes20


Will we be having stats for particular players, like; matches played, goals scored, red cards, yellow cards, passing, etc.

Abhishek Timoti

Trade him for a better BB like Mbappe Salah or someone else whom you can use in your squad

Mohammed misthah nk

Then trade him with another black ball

Brock Raul

Bro…Can you tell me if I don’t renew contact of players what will happen to them? Will they be released or theirs contract will be set to 10 matches?

Loved your content.

Brock Raul

Thanks for the information


Will zlatan can be pes2020

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