5 Best Retro Football mobile games you must play

A footballing feast waits for you in these five favourites!

People who are old enough to remember gaming in the 80s and 90s recollect a time when FIFA didn’t dominate as a variety of different football games were released every year. Well, for every classic, there was an utter abomination. Modern football games like PES Mobile, FIFA Mobile, Football Manager have evolved to become incredibly detailed and complex sports simulations. So what were football games on mobile like before FIFA took over? Here are 5 of the best retro football games that you can play on your mobile devices, be it Android or iOS.

Best Retro Football mobile games

1. New Star Soccer

This is an all-time classic football game available for Android as well as iOS. The perfect combination of stats, intuitive on-the-pitch action, and more in-depth football management-style strategy attracts more and more gamers. Besides, the retro visuals and a dash of knowing humor also add to this BAFTA-award winning game’s charm.

Best Retro Football games on mobile
Line up that curler from 30 yards out!

This game includes every Cup Competitions and Premier League for EPL fans with very much realistic gameplay. However, Agent trainers get more and more expensive as you progress, which happens with NRG drinks.

2. Tiny Striker: World Football

Free-kick curling into the top corner is one of the football’s finest sights, and in Tiny Striker, you bang them in again and again. Your football career starts in the third division, and you must work your way up by scoring as many goals as you can in each 60 seconds match. Use the ball to claim coins along the way before buying all manner of wacky extras.

Best Retro Football games on mobile
You’re a tiny striker, a striker for money and any old finish will do

This is a game dedicated to free kicks. There is sponsors/challenge available in the game. However, the Difficulty level is quite high from the start itself, and there isn’t an easy mode available either. Energy runs out if you lose games and then you need to pay real money to get them back quickly.

3. Retro Soccer – Arcade Football

It’s not just the wonderfully blocky graphics that make Retro Soccer – Arcade Football and an entertaining blast from the past. Manage and upgrade your squad as you embark on the “Victory Road”, but the real fun comes from the energetic gameplay defined by close passing, clever through-balls, and sharp-shooting.

Best Retro Football games on mobile
Find the angle for the perfect shot

This is a fast-paced game with smooth controls for players. However, as there are no buttons, it becomes tough to beat the goalkeeper sometimes.

4. Tiki Taka Soccer

As the name suggests, this one’s all about pinging the ball around the pitch like Barcelona in their prime. And guess what? This can all be done with a tap of your finger. And that’s not all. Once you have perfected your playing style, there are tactics and transfers to dive into, too.

Play in typical Barca style

The controls are smooth, making it easy to master the game. Moreover, you don’t need to spend money to progress. But due to the difficulty level being a bit high, players get tired too soon.

5. Super Soccer Champs 2020

The mid-90s spirit is alive in Super Soccer Champs 2020 because it combines arcadey immediacy with the depth and long-term appeal of modern peers. It’s top-down perspective and two-button controls make it one of the most accessible football games around.

Best Retro Football games on mobile
Has he managed to stay onside?

This is a brand of passing football that goes easy on your eyes and thumbs. This game has simple gameplay with many options like buying players, job offer letters, and more. However, the maximum match duration is 3 mins.

A bonus for Football Manager Fans!

Retro Football Management

If you are more into building a squad, driving player recruitment, and defining tactics and playing style, then you must try out this game. Here you get to manage your football team in a championship manager retro style game. Here you start with inheriting a small squad. Getting busy in the transfer market, like squad rotation, keeping players and fans happy, and buying sponsorships are the keys to be the Author of your club’s success.

That wraps up things for this list! If you have liked the list, make sure to check out our other Best Games lists as well!

What do you think about this list of Best Retro Football mobile games? Did we miss out on any game from the list? Drop-in your opinions in the comment section below!

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