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Arena of Valor: Best Heroes once mastered

Are you looking for a new Hero to buy? Stuck in your rank and looking for a way out? Fortunately, we compiled the 5 Best Heroes once mastered in Arena of Valor to help you out.

Honourable mentions:

  • D’arcy
  • Zuka
  • Enzo
  • Nakroth
  • Zip
  • Hayate

These Heroes didn’t quite make it to our Top 5, but they are definitely worth the time to learn them. Not all of them are super difficult, but you might still need some games to get a feeling for awkward skillshots (D’arcy), decision making (Zip) or diving in as a squishy priority target (Hayate). They’re powerful picks for sure and will help you to dominate your foes.

But without further ado, let’s jump to our actual Best Heroes once mastered in Arena of Valor:

5. Liliana

Liliana is never out of meta and she is never a bad pick. Why? Because her kit offers everything you could ask for; Mobility, CC, Invulnerability, Percentage health damage, great scaling, AoE, strong offensive and defensive buffs.

Liliana Arena of Valor Best Heroes

So why is she rarely ever picked? As you might have guessed, her skillcap is huge. Not only does she have access to a new set of abilities at level 4 but she also requires accurate aiming. But if you cannot make use of Liliana’s fox form, all you really do is some poke damage. Many other mages can also waveclear faster. Which means they can roam more quickly and eventually get their team ahead before you manage to follow.

Knowing when to engage onto the enemy and learning to farm efficiently to grow strong is key. Once you get the hang of her though, she’ll never let you down!

4. Murad

If you ever encountered a Murad that wiped the floor with you, you know why he made it here.

Nonetheless, Murad is probably the easiest Hero to counter on our list. Due to his weak early game, a lot of opportunities open up for coordinated enemy teams to set him behind.

Murad Arena of Valor Best Heroes

In exchange for being a weak early game assassin, a good Murad becomes unstoppable once he gets the smallest advantage. Not only does his ultimate have a ridiculously low cooldown; but the ability to become untargetable while dealing tons of damage makes him a scary opponent to face.

However, everything comes at a price. It requires many games to be in the right place at the right time. And it requires even more to get the hang of his unique skillset.

3. Florentino

In the 3rd place of our Arena of Valor: Best Heroes list, we have Florentino. Wait…only 3rd place? But it’s Florentino!

Florentino Arena of Valor Best Heroes

Although he remains a pain to deal with in the Dark Slayer lane, Florentino received nerf after nerf during the last patches. You’ll still find him at the top of tier lists, but by now he is manageable. Also, his teamfighting potential really relies on the enemy team not being able to CC him. If you’re unlucky, the enemy team just picks Arum, making your life miserable for the next 15 minutes.

Now that we’re done with the trashtalk: Despite those cons, Florentino in the right hands is still a nightmare to deal with. His 2nd ability deals damage based on the enemy’s max HP, making him a potent duellist even against tanky opponents. Hitting your skillshots will consistently reset and reduce cooldowns, bumping up your DPS. Aside from all the damage, his kit makes him incredibly slippery. Even though his only reliable escape is his ultimate, it’s incredibly difficult to catch him when he keeps dancing around.

Once you’re ahead, you can just splitpush your way to victory. His ultimate lets him scale really well while granting a powerful buff for himself/ debuff for the enemy he’s duelling.

Make sure to practice aiming and executing those quick combos, then there’s no doubt that Florentino is one of the most powerful Heroes.

2. Yena

Just like Liliana Yena has access to double the amount of abilities once you level up her ultimate. Also, her abilities aren’t targeted which means that you need excellent aiming in order to actually hit the enemy Heroes.

Yena Arena of Valor Best Heroes

While her full moon form grants her partial CC immunity and damage reduction, her skills are also pretty telegraphed. Meanwhile, her half-moon form makes her incredibly slippery but susceptible to CC and damage.

However, Yena’s potential once mastered is limitless. She can cycle through her abilities really quickly and there is no other Hero with as many combos available. Her full-moon form also allows her to be very impactful in teamfights. At the same time, she can bully most Heroes in 1v1 situations and roam around incredibly quickly.

Sounds OP? That’s why she made it on this list.

1. Veres

You’ll probably only see 2 types of Veres players. Those who 1v9 and those who make you feel like they are win trading.

Veres Arena of Valor Best Heroes

Although her kit sounds straight forward on paper, it’s actually really difficult to get the hang of Veres. All her abilities are skillshots and you can be assured you’ll get punished the one time you screwed up. Her incredible reliance on hitting everything is what makes her so difficult (and hit or miss).

Her first skill has low range and her passive, as well as her ultimate, requires time to get used to. On top of it, mobile enemies make aiming even harder.

So why even bother learning her? Because in exchange for patient practice, you get rewarded with good sustain, great scaling, low cooldowns, hard CC and massive amounts of true damage.

Most Veres players will only buy 2 aggressive items; despite that, they will still end up dealing ridiculous amounts of damage. Since her skills are mostly AoE and her ultimate scales with missing health, experienced Veres players will dominate teamfights easily.

Unless you miss your abilities, this Hero is unstoppable. Her only limit is her player’s skillceiling.

We hope you’ll find this helpful. For more awesome Mobile Gaming related contents, join our Discord community now!

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