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Ark Legends: Six reasons why you need to play the game

Here's why you should check out Ark Legends!

If you love a good mobile gacha RPG, then we have exciting news for you. There’s a new one on the way that is well worth checking out. Ark Legends is one such game set in the floating city of Syella for players to explore an intriguing world alongside the mysterious protagonist, Alex. The game is available as a soft launch in Canada and Indonesia from November 1st. In other regions, with a pre-registration campaign underway, and offering physical rewards for a select few lucky winners, there’s no better time to get involved. But if you do need an incentive, here are six reasons why we think you should play Ark Legends.

Six reasons to play Ark Legends

1. A Visually-Stunning World

Ark Legends reasons to play
Image via Melting Games

If you ever wished you could jump into your TV while watching a Pixar movie, Ark Legends will appeal to you. It truly looks like an animated movie coming to life. It helps that the world of the Aruthka Continent is full of mobile-defying scenery. You’ll visit craggy mountains, dense forests, and fiery islands. Each zone is begging to be explored, and a handy percentage indicator reveals how much of it you’ve seen.

2. What’s Going On

While the world is reason enough to explore, it helps that there’s an intriguing plot pushing you along. You join our hero Alex, who’s lost all of his memories but wants to help bring peace to a world on the brink of war.

In recent years, the Aruthka Continent has been embroiled in combat after its inhabitants discovered technology far in advance of its own. Greed resulted in war, as the various factions fought over this technology until only six remained: Shield Alliance, Glacial Empire, Sacred Forest, Boil Blood, Luminaid Temple, and Umbra Covenant. An uneasy peace commenced until Aquidro, a new organization, stirred it all up again. It’s now up to you and Alex to help reclaim that peace.

3. Cast of Heroes

Ark Legends reasons to play
Image via Melting Games

You won’t be alone though, as Ark Legends features nearly 100 heroes to recruit and send into battle. As is typical for an RPG, each hero plays very differently but falls into one of six different archetypes: Mage, Marksman, Assassin, Defender, Warrior, and Support.

4. A Mental Workout

Recruiting heroes is only half the battle though, as you’ll need to put together a well-balanced team that can take on all of the content that Ark Legends has to offer. You’ll also need to increase their power, by leveling them up, unlocking new talents, and equipping them with loot that drops as you defeat your opponents.

Ark Legends reasons to play
Image via Melting Games

Then there’s the Sigil System, which helps you unlock new attributes for each hero, increasing their power even further. However, there’s a strategy within battle too, as you can unleash each hero’s active skills, and set up combos to kill foes even faster.

5. All The Content

Aside from a story campaign, complete with side quests and challenges, there’s plenty of content to take on that provides an additional challenge. It all begins with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to complete, which reward you with resources you’ll need to progress.

Ark Legends reasons to play
Image via Melting Games

You can then venture into the Lost Sector for sigils, the Golden Vale for coins, and the Potion Institute for XP potions. That should help you grow in power enough to tackle the Elemental Valley for cores, as well as the Sky City, which showers you with gold and diamonds.

6. Pre-Registration Rewards

Here’s a bonus reason, pre-registration rewards. While all players that sign up will benefit from in-game rewards, which ramp up as more players sign up, there are physical rewards on offer too. Lucky winners could get their hands on prizes like AirPods and Amazon gift cards, and all you have to do is register your interest in an exciting upcoming game on the official website

If you live in Canada or Indonesia there will be a soft launch on the 1st of November you can access this by using the redeem code HELLOARK. To keep up with the latest updates, you can also check out the official Facebook or TikTok page.

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That’s all about the Six reasons why you should play Ark Legends! Try the game and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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