Top 5 Best Mobile Games to play during the Halloween season

Celebrate this Halloween in style!

Halloween is approaching and what better time to spend it than on your phone playing some new games Get comfy on your couch and get ready for some good games to play. Here we are presenting the five best Halloween-themed mobile games of different genres, so you don’t get bored with your Android or iOS device.

Best Halloween-themed mobile games

1. Into the Dead

Into the Dead is an action endless runner mobile game. You’re a survivor trying to live another run through the zombie-infested world. Try to avoid them, so as to not get caught by one and be eaten. They’re all after you, craving that fresh meat. Along the way, you will find items to aid you in your mission, and weapons to defend yourself. Can you break your last record and keep going?

2. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle 

This game is inspired by the movie Friday the 13th. It’s a puzzle game, where you’re playing as Jason. Try to find the right combination of paths to get all of your victims to die. If you’re not careful enough, they’ll spot you and escape your grasp. So don’t act too quickly and think it through in this killer puzzle. Perfect for a quick Halloween game.

3. Cthulhu Chronicles

Play as an investigator in Cthulhu Chronicles and try to uncover the mysteries that await you. If you’re already a fan of Call of Cthulhu or want to discover its world of it, this is a game worth checking it. It is still in early access, but free to play. You can choose between different investigators with different strengths, master skill checks, and read through this text adventure.

4. Escape from Chernobyl

The game, Escape from Chernobyl is a continuation of Radiation City, developed by Atypical Games. You’re here to uncover the mysteries of the power plant in Chernobyl. Survive by fighting against various zombies and discover the story of the nightmare that awaits. This is an action-based game, with realistic physics and great graphics.

5. The Room

Be ready for a 3D puzzle game, solving the mysteries and discovering the story behind it in this mobile game The Room. The game has a lot of puzzles to offer, where you have to sit down and think. Someone made you come here and you two never looked eye-to-eye on the research the other person did. And now you’re here having to deal with it. It may not be very Halloween-focused, but it has a lot of mysteries.

That’s all for today’s Best Halloween-themed Games for Mobile. Which of these mobile games are you looking forward to playing in this Halloween season? Let us know in the comment section below!

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