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5 Best MOBAs for Mobile that you should try

Ever since the release of the big hits League of Legends and Dota 2, MOBAs have become indispensable in the gaming scene. And with the rise of smartphones, of course, they also conquered the mobile gaming industry! Whether you’re a newbie looking for game suggestions to get started or an old hand looking for a fresh MOBA breeze; we composed the 5 best MOBAs for Mobile that you should definitely give a shot!

But wait… What are MOBAs again?

In nearly every Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, short MOBA, game, you will find 10 players split among two teams. Each player chooses one of many heroes before the game starts and will fight on a map with 3 lanes. Whoever manages to destroy the enemy’s base first will then win the game.

Honorable Mentions

Before we get to our exquisite Best 5 MOBAs for Mobile, lets take a quick look at a couple of games that couldn’t quite make it to our list:

Onmyoji Arena – A must for all anime fans, Onmyoji Arena offers a unique experience with Asian design and incredibly cute characters.

Legend of Ace – While there could be a larger variety in terms of Heroes, the game contains a Card collection mini-game instead of classic Item purchases and Rune systems. Refreshingly different from many MOBAs if you’re looking for variety.

Heroes Arena – Despite being a rather straight forward MOBA without many specials, Heroes Arena charms its player base with weird, yet innovative Heroes and overall well-executed gameplay. Most games simply offer a little more on-top.

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Let’s be honest, the only reason for Wild Rift missing on the actual list is the fact that it’s not released yet. Make sure to pre-register and stay tuned for more Wild Rift news.

5. Heroes of Order & Chaos

With over 50 Heroes and a huge revamp, Heroes of Order & Chaos can definitely live up to its promises. Released by Gameloft as early as 2012, the game also carries the title of the first mobile MOBA.

A rock solid choice for both nostalgics and novices, Heroes of Order & Chaos provides everything MOBA players are looking for: 5v5, 3v3, fun modes and of course all of it in real-time action. Unlike many mobile MOBAs, the Hero’s abilities aren’t limited to 3. Also, you can even watch your friends play with the spectator mode. An intriguing setting with very intuitive controls makes the game a great options for starters.

4. Heroes Evolved

5 Best Mobile MOBAs Heroes Evolved

While Reality Square Games’ Heroes Evolved shares many standard features with its competitors, it also offers a whole bunch of innovative modes and characters.

Among over 50 Heroes, you will find iconic crossover Champions such as Bruce Lee, Zorro or Saber. For those for whom this isn’t enough reason to try the game, Heroes Evolved also features a bunch of additional modes. Those include an Adventure Game, a Battle Royal and Survival mode.

Especially worth it for players who get bored easily; you will be occupied for days exploring a seemingly endless variety of entertaining game modes.

3. Vainglory

An award-winning cross-platform MOBA, Vainglory definitely holds a place on our list. With smooth and detailed graphics, Super Evil Megacorp’s take on a MOBA charms its player base since 2014. Whereas many MOBAs encourage a fighting heavy playstyle, Vainglory offers a more strategy-based orientation throughout several game modes. On-top of it, the medieval game design makes this MOBA a refreshing gaming experience for both mind and eyes.

2. Arena of Valor

Although Tencent’s western adaption of Kings of Glory cannot compete with its original that remains exclusive for the Chinese market, Arena of Valor is a strong contender for the most popular mobile MOBA.

Lots of intriguing Heroes, including DC crossovers with Wonder Woman, Joker or The Flash, as well as well-balanced gameplay… All of it makes AoV a great option for those who value fair and challenging MOBAs. With a rather traditional set of game modes such as 5v5, 3v3, and a couple of Arcade modes, the game has risen to a real staple. Frequent updates take care of the game balance and introduce new Heroes. So things definitely never get boring on the Antaris battlefield. A game is especially interesting for more competitive players as you can watch the global AoV tournaments and check out educational streams. Or simply go for the # 1 spot in SoloQ yourself.

Don’t forget to read our full coverage about Arena of Valor here.

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Leaving out KoG, there are no doubts Mobile Legends holds the #1 spot among the 5 Best MOBAs for Mobile. With over 100 million downloads on Google Play alone, you can imagine the immense size of the player base.

Published by Moonton 3 years ago, Mobile Legends offers straight forward gameplay that captivates new players from the first second. New Heroes get released every 2-3 weeks and a recent update improved the visual experience to PC levels of quality. Whether you’re looking for competitive gameplay, chilling fun modes with friends, or entertaining gameplay for in-between; Mobile Legends convinces in every area.

If you are playing Mobile Legends or planning to start it, don’t forget to check our full coverage about Mobile Legends here.

Which one is your favourite MOBA? Are there any other MOBAs that deserve a mention? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more gaming news!

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