eFootball 2024: Five features that should have been included in the new update

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KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 is back with a new season update, and this has featured some interesting new features and updates for sure. While these changes are definitely intriguing, there are always expectations for certain features that seem conspicuously absent. In this article, we will look at the five features that should have been included in the new update of eFootball 2024.

Five features that should have been included in eFootball 2024

1. Player Names on Shirts

We have been asking this for a long time, and it was also featured in our article where we outlined the five features that we believed KONAMI should introduce in eFootball 2024 mobile. While having a top-notch sports game is essential, visual aesthetics also play a crucial role. Over the years, KONAMI has sometimes fallen short in delivering the best visual experience, and one recurring issue is the omission of player names.

Player Jersey Name
Image via KONAMI

The community has also been vocal about the need for improvements in this area. This can be frustrating for players who want an immersive and realistic gaming experience. In an era where attention to detail is paramount, addressing this issue should be a priority for KONAMI to enhance the overall quality of the game.

2. A new stadium experience

The game required a fresh stadium experience, as it currently only offers a single venue, the eFootball Stadium. This limitation in stadium options has left players wanting more diverse and engaging settings to enjoy their matches. Expanding the available stadiums can greatly enrich the gaming experience. It can provide players with a variety of iconic venues from different leagues and regions, each with its unique atmosphere and characteristics.

3. A different scorecard design

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest disappointments. A fresh scorecard design was highly anticipated, as the game continued to feature the same blue-yellow scheme scorecard as before. It’s easy to imagine how retaining the darker shade from the user interface (UI) could have been a bold and visually striking choice.

eFootball 2024 gameplay
Image via KONAMI

This wasn’t a tough option at all. A few changes here and there that could have been done to get it a fresh look. But sadly, nothing in that regard is on offer. It’s regrettable that no changes were made in this regard, even though not so huge, but can make a difference.

4. No referee on the pitch

The absence of a referee on the pitch has been a recurring issue year after year in the game. Despite numerous pleas and requests from the player community, it appears that this fundamental aspect of eFootball has yet to be addressed. This persistent omission can detract from the overall realism of the game, which the game promises to be, and given the overall improvements happening, this is surely a miss.

5. Player Rating and Reports

Strangely, this is something we don’t understand. Why remove something that was already functioning well? The information-related after-match menus were a valuable tool, enhancing our understanding and allowing us to see how a player’s performance on the pitch directly influenced the game. You can see a lot of data in detail, including heat maps and advanced stats.

Heatmap eFootball
The heatmap in the PES series (Image via KONAMI)

There is no reason why this was removed. And better not to talk about how horrible the rating system is. Player scores a hat trick? Maximum is 8.5. Misplace a ball twice? You get 4.0. This has no value at all and seems like it is just a random allot luck draw. To think this hasn’t been changed since the initial launch shows they don’t care much about other aspects of the game.

Final Thoughts

While the update has brought a lot of positive changes and has garnered positive reviews, it’s important to acknowledge that there are still some missing elements that can be disappointing for certain players. Striking a balance to satisfy the entire fanbase can indeed be a challenging task, and it’s important to remember that these observations are expressed from our perspective as well. Opinions can vary, but constructive feedback helps shape the future of the game and looks like we are on that path.

What features do you think should be arriving with the eFootball 2024 mobile updateDo let us know in the comment section below!

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