Five features KONAMI should introduce in eFootball 2024 mobile

What should be coming?

The popular KONAMI title eFootball 2023, although it was released late in the season, it has kept a steady pace. Whether it’s the new season updates that have been constantly released or the more card types and designs that have been dropping week in and week out, everything is slowly looking impressive and we can’t wait to see more after the 2023 update roadmap. The thing is, the game still needs some features that are missing in the mobile version and were not discussed in the roadmap itself. The game needs to progress to a better state, and some updates are needed. So, in this article, we will list five features that are a must to include in eFootball 2024 mobile.

Five features that are a must in eFootball 2024 mobile

1. Bringing back the after-match stats

Back in the PES series of football titles released on mobile, the info-related menus were making the understanding better. However, this was removed in eFootball for no reason, which is simply a bad move. The flawed rating system also provides no help to the current mess the preview after the match is.

Heatmap eFootball
The heatmap in the PES series (Image via KONAMI)

So the simplest way to solve this is to bring back the after-match record system. This way, players don’t have to check every highlight who assisted who, the performer, and of course, the heatmap option the system provided. With this, even the ratings would be understood and it will help the players to check where the player really likes to move and play so that adjustments to the style of play could be made.

2. A player statistic interface

The detail of statistics in eFootball mobile is one item that needs to be looked at. Being a football game, it is always crucial to keep track of game statistics so that you may contrast them with those of various players. Nevertheless, this feature is entirely absent from eFootball mobile. By eliminating the after-match records feature, as was noted in the first pointer, they have actually taken a step backward.

Player Menu
The current player screen is dull for a football title (Image via KONAMI)

So, KONAMI should prepare to add a new player menu option just for statistics. Since it can keep track of the number of games, it could also display additional stats like goals scored, assists, tackles, interceptions, and clean sheets. Users will be able to compare player stats on his card menu in this way, which will greatly increase the game’s interest.

3. Player Names on the shirts

This has been a shout for a long time. The numbers are already printed on the jersey, but why not the names? In fact, the game is large enough to accommodate a small change, and eFootball might be the only title that doesn’t have this feature.

Player Jersey Name
Image via KONAMI

When you play with iconic football players like Maradona, Zico, etc it is a shame that we don’t see them don a shirt with their names on it. The cutscenes when they celebrate a goal aren’t that hyped enough to see because of the lack of shirt names since the number is the only thing being displayed. KONAMI should look forward to adding this, as this improves the experience of play.

4. Quick Substitutions

One helpful option would be the Introduction of Quick Substitution option. The quick substitution feature allows you to make changes to your team without having to navigate through multiple menus, making it faster and more convenient to make tactical adjustments during a match. The Automatic substitutions are often so random and badly implemented, so this option will be a quick fix.

Substitution in eFootball
The substitution cutscene (Image via KONAMI)

This way, players don’t have to pause the game every now and then, and with the viable option appearing on the screen, they can quickly replace the player on the field. For this, a setting to preset the players in the Team Menu will also help simplify. A simple cutscene when the substitution happens would be pleasing too.

5. More game modes

Without any doubt, the Game Modes need to be another addition that the makers should think of. The current game modes are good, yes, especially the golden goal setup, but it is really one-dimensional when we think of it. Will it be nice if this continues throughout the eFootball mobile series? A simple answer is no.

Events eFootball
Image via KONAMI

So, eFootball 2024 mobile should be aiming to provide extra game modes in addition to the standard ones to keep the players interested. Master League as additional downloadable content will be absolutely incredible, and having training events such as completing drills and tasks would be a good way to start things.

Final Thoughts

Even though there are plenty of changes that can be made to the game, these are the ones that really bring a different flavor if it is added. eFootball 2024 mobile from the current version can be improved with enhanced graphics, a more detailed player data system, improving the multiplayer experience, and so on, which is in the hands of KONAMI.

Overall, eFootball 2024 mobile can be an excellent football title for the mobile platform if some things are made right. The massive potential the game carries should be looked upon seriously by the makers, and they should try to bring something out of the box, which is not even considered by the fans. The update might be lurking around, but still, it is going to be a wait for sure.

What features do you think should be arriving with the eFootball 2024 mobile updateDo let us know in the comment section below!

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What of game pad compatability

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Then the UI should be updated too to match with notch display devices.


Pls the master League is very important

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