Factors required for choosing a gaming mobile

Know before you buy your next mobile

Gaming on mobiles is getting better and better. To fully immerse yourself in the experience, you’ll need an adequate handset. There are many things to look for when purchasing a phone for gaming. We have discussed the six best factors required for choosing your next gaming mobile device.

6 things to look for in your next mobile

1. Size

You need a device with a large screen. Thankfully, most phones these days are huge. You’ll see them having displays around 6 inches – even budget ones. Just take a look at the Samsung A20. It’s under 200 dollars yet comes with a 6.4-inch front. In fact, according to convergeddevices.net, most of the best budget devices have a screen over 6 inches.

Speaking of size, make note of the dimensions. If your phone is thick and heavy, it’ll feel like a brick, so you won’t be able to game for long. It’s also important that you consider its shape. If it’s not curved, your palms would feel uncomfortable. Devices in the Galaxy Note series tend to have sharp edges, even though they cost an arm and a leg.

2. Display

Having a large display would let you enjoy the game more. However, you need a screen with a powerful panel too. The best would be an OLED; there are different types of them. Dynamic AMOLEDs are seen in more expensive phones and live up to their name.  The Samsung S20 rocks one. It also has an infinity display, which means there won’t be many bezels.

Super AMOLEDs are good too. Speaking of the A20 again, you’re getting the panel on the device when most of its competitors rock subpar IPS LCD screens.

3. Battery

No matter how good your viewing experience is, you won’t have a good time gaming if your battery is small. You should look for a phone that has a battery of over 4000 mAh. It would last well over a day. Thankfully, even cheaper units come with big batteries. The affordable Moto G8 Power is a 5000 mAh device.

You’ve probably heard of iPhones coming with lackluster mAh. The iPhone X, which was released in 2017, is a 2716 mAh unit. Meanwhile, the latest iPhone 12 Pro is 2816 mAh. This is a shame as they cost a lot. In turn, we have to talk about charging. It’s not important for gaming per se, but it can affect how easy your phone is to use. If it makes use of regular 10 W charging, it’ll take over 2 hours to fully charge.

factors required for choosing a gaming mobile

4. Processor

To make sure your phone can handle the games you want to play, it’ll need an adequate processor. This is where the amount you’re willing to spend is important. Snapdragon chipsets in the 800 series are for flagships. They would be able to handle the most graphic extensive applications. Apple’s Bionic chips are amazing too. According to techquila.co.in, the A14 bionic is arguably the best.

Like charging, RAM isn’t the most important for gaming, but the number of them present makes using the phone easier. The more you have, the smoother you’ll be able to move between apps.

5. Storage

The more ROM available, the more games you’ll be able to download. If your handset doesn’t come with the best storage, you don’t have to worry, though. It may have a MicroSD slot, and you’ll be able to expand its storage.

If you’re purchasing your phone from a carrier, know that it’ll have much less space than advertised. This is because the carrier bloatware would be present. These are applications that are an alternative to Google that you won’t be able to uninstall.

6. Design

Last but not the least, one of the important factors required for choosing your next gaming mobile is phone design. Depending on your tastes, the appearance of your unit may also be important. After all, gamers are all about great audio-visual experiences. You might have to turn your attention to a handset like the Asus ROG. It was made to be reminiscent of the case of a PC.

Final Thoughts

You’re well aware of how extensive mobile gaming can be. That’s why you need to consider a few aspects when picking a phone up. The most important of these are the display and processor. If its display isn’t good, you won’t have a very immersive experience. It will need a good panel on its front as well as a large screen. Dynamic AMOLEDs are the best, but you can go for Super AMOLEDs too.

The chip you use will directly influence your experience too. If it’s not a good one, you won’t be able to handle extensive games, and this means no Asphalt 8.

What are your views on the six factors required for choosing a gaming mobile? Do you possess a gaming mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

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