Game Development: The Superiority of Mobile Platforms

In recent years, the mobile gaming sector has reached new, unprecedented heights. While there are several reasons for this, few can argue that diversity and efficiency haven’t been central to the industry’s emergence. So, let’s take a look at the mobile phones market and consider its development superiority in terms of gaming platforms.  

Heightened Variety for Consumers 

Importantly, it will come as no surprise that, as roughly one-third of the world’s population will play a mobile game a year, the demographic is diverse in nature, as per a report by AdExchanger. Because of this, it’s integral that the available titles on smartphone stores cater to the demands of prospective gamers that are opting for mobile platforms. 

Moreover, the differences relating to user preference also showcase the wide array of offerings that are available on smartphones and tablets. In a study looking into the leading mobile genres on Android devices in the third quarter of 2019 at Statista, it was found that casual, puzzle, and arcade titles were the most preferable options among contemporary smartphone gamers. Contrastingly, IGC state that massively multiplayer online games, role-playing titles, and battle royale centered creations proved to be the most popular on traditional consoles.  

Furthermore, over the last few years, MMOs have become increasingly central to the forward-thinking nature of the mobile market, as showcased by Old School Runescape and World of Prandis. However, another factor that can be attributed to the emergence of smartphone gaming concerns the platform’s acceptance of thriving sectors, such as iGaming.  

Vitally, review sites like BonusFinder highlight some of the sector’s most reliable operators, making it easier to find mobile-friendly casinos that offer no-deposit sign-up bonuses. For example, of the listed operators, smartphone players may find the likes of Caeser’s Online Casino to be recommended by a friend because of its real-money opportunities and diverse library, which includes slots, sports wagering, and traditional casino variants. The importance of review sites is important now more than ever due to the amount of choice out there.

The Speed of Title Creation 

In addition to the flourishing outlook of the mobile games market being a testament to the sector’s comprehensive array of diverse gaming possibilities, its modern-day success is also a result of the efficiency and speed of smartphone title development. Fundamentally, because of their more casual nature, developers are able to create and release titles more quickly than those working on console games. In turn, this results in a more populated market.  

Crucially, this is evident through the sheer volume of developed mobile titles. According to research conducted by Gaming Shift, there are 327,491 and 811,911 mobile games on Google Play and the App Store, respectively. In comparison, this total is significantly more than the offerings on traditional consoles, with the Xbox One, for example, having 1,760 titles. 

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For third-party iPhone developers, their access to the market has reached new heights over the last 12 years following Apple’s release of IOS SDK in March 2008. Upon the unveiling of the App Store, the accessibility of the software development kit resulted in 500 apps being made available at the time of the store’s launch in June 2008, as per Cult of Mac. Importantly, this highlights the speed at which developers can create, design, and bring their product to market on mobile platforms. 

Catering to User Demands 

Ultimately, there can be no doubt that the overriding reason behind the contemporary success of the mobile gaming industry relates to its ability to respond to user desires. Primarily, the volume of the platform’s games library, in addition to the speed at which developers can get creations to market, are pivotal to retaining and expanding the gaming audience base on smartphones and tablets.

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