How to download and play League of Legends Wild Rift? Stay away from these activities

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Riot Games has started the regional alpha for League of Legends Wild Rift 3 days ago. And since then there have been many players who are trying to get the game even if they are not among the ones to get the closed alpha invite. Reports show that even if someone is not in the closed alpha test, they could download and play League of Legends Wild Rift. However, this is not something we should do and the good thing is, even if you download the Wild Rift APK and OBB now, there’s no way you can play the game anymore or get your account whitelisted.

Players could download and play Wild Rift until now

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The APK and OBB of Wild Rift was well circulated in the various gaming communities. And many players have already tried the game even if they did not get any alpha invite. So, to keep the servers stable for the ones who actually got the invite, Riot Games has announced something interesting. On the official tweet, they have mentioned that they’ll be disabling all the accounts that did not get access through the invite.

Currently, there is no way you can download and play League of Legends Wild Rift or get your account whitelisted. Even if you get the game by the APK, you can not get past the login screen.

But the positive thing is that the developers have promised to roll out larger waves of invites in the upcoming days.

Stay away from the mischievous activities

You may find various online websites claiming that they can let you download the game. However, as you can see the tweet from official Wild Rift Twitter account, there is no way you can download and play Wild Rift as of now. So please do not fall in the traps. And be patient until Riot Games sends out larger waves of invites.

Please note, trying these fishy methods may lead your account to ban (proof). And I guess you don’t want that to happen.

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