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5 Things you should know about Black Desert Mobile

After huge popularity in the other markets, Pearl Abyss decided to take Black Desert Mobile Global. The game is expected to release this year! Here is a list of 5 things that you should know about Black Desert Mobile.

1. It’s a mobile adaption of the popular PC/Console MMO game

Black Desert is a popular MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game from Pearl Abyss. Originally released in 2014, Black Desert is one of my favorite action MMO games in the last decade. The main objective of the game is PvP (Player vs Player). End game focuses mainly on PvP, Node Wars, and Conquest Wars. The game does have plenty of other things to keep you busy though. There is a housing/manor system and many different life skills to choose from.

about Black desert Mobile

2. The Mobile Version Will Have Auto-Play

I wanted to address this right away since it is a deal-breaker for many. The game will have auto-play and auto-combat. The PC and Console version of the game prides itself on its intense action combat. The mobile version had to be adapted due to the touch screen controls and the casual stigma of the platform.

Black desert Mobile, black desert on android

3. Black Desert Mobile Will Have Micro-transactions

My experience with the PC and PS4 versions of the game did not seem P2W. While there were some advantages to be found in the cash shop of the PC and Console version of the game, the offerings are mostly quality of life and cosmetic. The mobile version has different offerings but the micro-transactions still seem fair.

4. It has major differences from the PC/Console version of the game

The mobile version has major differences from the main game. I was surprised how true the mobile version is to its PC and Console counterpart. Some of its most revered features: In-depth character customization, incredible graphics, and an almost overwhelming amount of gameplay are still available in the mobile version. Most of the life skills have been adapted with either new mini-games or even complete re-works. How to gear has changed, quests will drop coins you redeem for the gear in the new Shakatu’s Shop. Excitedly the frustrating gear enhancement system has been simplified and in my opinion, improved.

black desert mobile, character customization in Black desert mobile
Character customization in Black Desert Mobile

5. Black Desert Mobile is released in many countries and available for pre-registration now

The game has been out in other countries for some time. The revenue for the mobile version has already surpassed the PC/Console version. It is a game I am looking forward to and you can you pre-register for the game already on Google Play.

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