Mobiles may have changed the game but it is all for the Greater Good

The gaming market has exploded over the last decade. Although the industry has always been up there in terms of popularity, variety, and revenue, things went into overdrive thanks to the iPhone. When Apple released its flagship device in 2007, it opened the doors of possibility. With apps taking our mobile experience to new, never seen before dimensions, game developers suddenly had something different to work with. Pandora’s box was open and, as Apple said when it launched the iPhone, “this was only the beginning”. And now we can see that the Mobiles have changed the game for all the “players”.

Apple makes the game sweeter

Steve Jobs wasn’t wrong. Within a decade of the first iPhone being launched, the games industry was taken to new heights. As Android devices joined the party, global gaming revenue surpassed that of the movie and music industry combined. Depending on the metrics you use and the region you focus on, that stats are a little different. For example, in the UK, the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) compares sectors by total value. In 2019, video games were worth £3.86 billion ($4.85 billion) in the UK.

Elsewhere, you can look at total sales and revenue from all digital games topped $101 billion in 2016. Basically, whichever way you slice it, the industry is booming and, in large part, it’s down to mobiles. For instance, Casino Planet is a great example of what mobile software can offer in terms of variety, accessibility, and playability. Part of Genesis Global Limited, this online casino has been optimized to work on desktop and mobile devices. Why? Because today’s gamers want flexibility and, as we’ve highlighted, access to mobile action. That’s clearly why we are saying that the mobiles have changed the game.

By optimizing the site’s software, the developers at Genesis have made it easy for players to create one account and switch from desktop to mobile gaming and back again. In either setting, slots like Gonzo’s Quest are available, as are table games, live dealer games, and more. In fact, as a testament to the synergy between desktops and mobiles, the site also offers payment options specific to the latter such as Boku. Essentially, flexibility leads to greater engagement and enjoyment because players can play in a way that suits them. However, amongst this synergy, there are also differences.

There’s a gaming divide but everyone wins

pokemon go
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Yes, mobile gaming has injected new life into the industry. However, the lines haven’t been completely blurred. Video games and PC products don’t always correlate with their mobile counterparts. For example, the level of detail and complexity in desktop/console games is far superior to what’s available on mobiles. However, the counter to this is that mobile games are more accessible. What’s more, mobile games seem to have a broader appeal. Take Nintendo’s Pokémon Go. That game has generated more than $2 billion in revenue since 2017.

Aside from using cutting-edge technology (augmented reality), the game spoke to all types. From gamers to non-gamers, it struck a chord with everyone. That’s what brings in the money. PC and console games are fantastic but there’s still a sense they’re reserved for “hardcore” gamers. Mobile games don’t have the same image. They’re more user-friendly in the sense that the controls are easier to master. Moreover, the games are ephemeral. By that we mean you can dip in and out of mobile games more easily than you can PC/video games. This makes them ideal for casual gamers that what instant entertainment.

Of course, the ideal solution is games that traverse both mediums. Games that are available on all devices provide the best all-round entertainment. But, whichever medium players naturally gravitate to, the fact remains that mobiles have changed the game. Not only have they sent industry revenue soaring, but they’ve also opened up new ways of playing to new demographics. So, while there may be differences between desktop and mobile games, everyone’s a winner in this game.

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