Mobile Legends Helcurt Build Guide: Best Emblem, Build and Gameplay Tips

Night has fallen... let the killing... begin!

The Assassin role hero, Helcurt has finally been revamped as a part of the Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.78 Update! Apart from a facial redesign, the new and adjusted Helcurt is now a unique assassin hero with an even more annoying skillset. Even though his signature silence passive and ability have been removed, he has gotten newer and improved skills that would make him an even more annoying hero to counter on the battlefield. In this Mobile Legends: Bang Bang guide, we will take a look at the best emblem, spell, and build, including tips and tricks to dominate every game with Helcurt.

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Skill Analysis

Helcurt has three active skills and a passive skill like all the other heroes in-game. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will also talk about the skills to use in certain scenarios as well as skill combos to be able to play Helcurt to his utmost potential.

Passive: Shadow of Styx (Buff)

passive helcurt
  • Helcurt remains in Prowler state until spotted by the enemy team, gaining 15% extra Movement Speed, and continuously regenerating (50% Total Physical Attack) HP if he has not dealt any damage.
  • He gains 50% extra Attack speed and 50% extra movement speed (decreasing over time) for 4s upon being spotted and leaves Prowler state 0.75s later.
  • Any hero killed after being hit by Helcurt leaves a dark fog that explodes and spreads with a Cooldown of 10s. Helcurt conceals himself within the dark fog.

First skill: Hidden Terror (Mobility, CC)

CD – 15.0/9.6/14.0/13.0/12.0/11.0/10.0

skill 1 helcurt
  • Passive: When Helcurt is in Prowler state, the skill terrifies the enemy hero hit and its Cooldown decreases 3 times as fast as normal.
  • Active: Helcurt blinks to the target location and deals 150/180/210/240/270/300 +(70% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies within the area, reducing their movement speed by 60% for 0.75s.

Skill 2 – Deadly Stinger(Burst)

CD – 4.0/3.7/3.4/3.1/2.8/2.5

skill 2 helcurt
  • Passive: Helcurt gains one Deadly Stinger for every 1.5s spent in Prowler state or on each Basic Attack. Up to 5 stingers can be stored
  • Active: Helcurt fires all Deadly Stingers forward, each dealing 180/200/220/240/260/280 +(42% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies (Minions and Creeps take only 70% of the damage).
  • Deadly Stinger counts as a Basic Attack but cannot Crit.

Ultimate Skill – Dark Night Falls (Buff, Debuff)

CD – 60s/55s/50s

skill 3 helcurt

Helcurt summons the Dark Night, reducing all enemies’ sight range and making them lose sight of their allies for 3s. During Dark Night, Helcurt gains 40% extra Movement Speed. The Dark Night makes it easier for Helcurt to leave enemies’ sight range.

Helcurt Skill Analysis

The Newly revamped Helcurt now has pretty new gameplay dynamics. Formerly, most players would depend on Helcurt’s ultimate to easily engage and ambush enemy targets due to the previous silence combo from his passive. Now, players have to properly maximize the perks of the Prowler state of Helcurt. Being in that state easily allows Helcurt to Terrify and burst down enemy targets.

In short, to properly maximize Helcurt, one must take note of Helcurt’s passive whilst utilizing his first skill to terrify enemies. Players should also maximize their ultimate ability as an escape ability or as an ambush tool to isolate enemy main carry from the sight of their roamers and fighters.

Skill-up method for Helcurt

Helcurt’s Deadly Stinger is the primary source of damage so prioritize upgrading it to the max. Upgrade First skill accordingly and Ultimate whenever available.

Best Emblem set and Spells for Helcurt in Mobile Legends

Emblem Setup

Use the Custom Assassin Emblem as the only choice for Helcurt. It will provide both Movement Speed as well as Physical Penetration. For talent, we would recommend going with Lethal Ignition as it scorches enemy targets whenever Helcurt utilizes the burst damage from his second skill.

Image via MOONTON Games
  • Rupture
  • Master Assassin
  • Lethal Ignition

You can take High and Dry also to get an extra 7% damage when killing a solo enemy hero. Hence alternatively, you can also set it as the following:

Image via MOONTON Games
  • Swift
  • Seasoned Hunter
  • Lethal Ignition

Battle Spells

Helcurt is an Assassin hero who is recommended to be used in the Jungle Lane. Thus, Retribution is the main spell you will need. Still, if you want to try out sidelane Helcurt, Petrify is recommended.

Best Builds for Helcurt in Mobile Legends

One can try many builds on Helcurt. All that one needs to do is to just follow the enemy’s pick and then decide the role on the battlefield. We have set out the following template to try out with Helcurt on the battlefield. To know more about the best heroes in every meta in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), refer to our best heroes article.

Burst Damage Build

Image via MOONTON Games
  • Swift Boots: Attack speed provided at the early phase will help Helcurt to farm faster.
  • Blade of the Heptaseas: Since Helcurt’s Deadly Stinger is regarded as a Basic attack, to properly maximize it’s burst damage one can the Blade of the Heptaseas item. As it enhances his next attack after lying in ambush for a while.
  • Demon Hunter Sword: Helcurt’s second skill is now considered a stacked basic attack so it can trigger DHS’s passive easily. Using a fully stacked Deadly Stinger will hurt enemy heroes a lot as the item allows Helcurt to burst down even tanky opponents.
  • Malefic Roar: Malefic Roar’s Physical PEN combined with BOD will surely punish enemies even if they buy physical armour to defend themselves.
  • Hunter Strike: This item is quite essential as it grants extra physical penetration and movement speed that would enhance Helcurt’s ambush capabilities.
  • Rose Gold Meteor: This item provides extra attack damage and sustains when faced with burst damage enemies. It helps make up for Helcurt’s removed silence passive especially when faced with burst damage mages.

Additionally, Hunter Strike can be a great choice in the place of Rose Gold Meteor, though you must decide whether to choose these items or not, according to the enemy lineup.

Mobile Legends Helcurt Gameplay Tips

Courtesy of Helcurt’s new skillsets and passive, Helcurt is now even more powerful as a Jungle hero. As the Jungle hero, it is advisable to prioritize farming in the early game and be cautious during teamfights.

However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero. According to his gameplay, we can break it down into three phases. Our Mobile Legends Helcurt guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game.

Early Game

On purchasing Retri boots, proceed to clear out your team’s jungle monsters. Prioritize taking the red buff before proceeding to take down the Lithowander and your team’s purple buff. In the early game, Helcurt’s gameplay revolves around farming whilst utilizing his skills to deal burst physical damage to them.

Image via MOONTON Games

On clearing out your jungle monsters, request backup from your team’s mage and roam to assist in taking down the turtle. You and your team need to gank and secure Turtle Lane and try to kill Turtle Lane’s enemy to get an advantage when contesting Turtle. Don’t risk your life on getting kills, getting assists in the early game is okay too, focus on getting items first.

Do also remember to utilize the bushes to lie in wait for enemies to pass so you can terrify them with your Prowler state’s passive of your first skill. The skill combo to use for Helcurt during the early game phase is:

Enter Prowler state – Use Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Basic Attacks

Mid Game

By this time you have 2/3 items according to your farm efficiency. Keep a sharp eye on the map for the chance of getting kills and be sure to gank frequently on the sidelanes. Whenever teamfight happens, don’t just jump in the front line, make yourself hidden and put your focus on killing the enemy backline i.e. Mage/MM/enemy Jungler. Keep in mind that Helcurt’s Ultimate may save your ally from the enemy in sticky situations, so don’t hesitate to use it to assist your ally in escaping easily. Helcurt’s adjusted ultimate ability can also be used for escaping enemy ganks due to the reduced enemy sight range whilst the skill is active.

Utilize this combo to excel on the battlefield during the Mid Game phase:

Skill 3 + Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Basic Attack

Late Game

As a burst damage dealer, Helcurt with full item build is a very capable and dangerous assassin in the late-game phase as he can utilize the prowler state to easily hunt down enemy targets from the camouflage state. Don’t hesitate to hunt down any squishy enemy wandering solo on the map, oneless enemy will help you win teamfights easily. As a reminder that Helcurt is himself a squishy hero too, so always have patience and wait for the perfect opportunity.

Helcurt on the MLBB battlefield

Helcurt is a very powerful hero when played to his strengths. He can prove lethal against any Mage/Marksman in the land of dawn. However, sometimes, he comes up short against high-mobile heroes such as Hayabusa, Ling, Granger, and Martis. So be careful while facing them on the battlefield.

Helcurt with other heroes

Below is a compiled list of some of the heroes that Helcurt is strong or weak against. They include;

Heroes that counter HelcurtHeroes Helcurt can counter
SaberLuo Yi

Final Thoughts

As the new Helcurt revamp removed Helcurt’s trademark Silence CC, he can only terrify enemy heroes. Still, he proves to be a powerful and capable assassin capable of taking down lone heroes on emerging from the shadows. To master him one needs to master his Deadly Stinger combo which is the main source of his damage. Mastering that would allow one to easily carry and burst down enemy

An excellent pick for rank games, Helcurt is a good pick for the current meta. These tips will surely help you to guide easy wins with Helcurt in Mobile Legends. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

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That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends Helcurt Guide. Do you prefer to use Helcurt in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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