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OSRS Mobile: How accessible is it for new users

The release of OSRS Mobile has brought about a release on handheld devices that offers hundreds of hours of gameplay for fans of MMORPGs. It can, however, raise questions as to how user-friendly the transition is from PC to Mobile. Before you dive on into Old School RuneScape on your mobile, it’s worth taking a look at these tips to see how accessible OSRS Mobile is.

Crafting on OSRS Mobile

With the ability to have cross-platform play, OSRS Mobile is a great place for you to make the most of levelling up via Crafting. This is because you can simply start a Crafting task, set down your phone and watch TV, do some housework, take a walk or whatever you’d like to do. By doing so, you can level up with Crafting without having to really do anything, which can also be a decent money maker  or OSRS gold as well.

What fans will want the most out of OSRS Mobile is how user-friendly it can be, which is evident here when using Old School RuneScape Crafting. For example, it has a withdraw all feature, which means you are only a button tap away from withdrawing all your OSRS Crafting items, and depositing them is a single tap away too. You can use this time to craft items, rack up cooking items, cut gems, and much more.


Another case for the effectiveness of OSRS’ Mobile version is the tap-to-drop feature. This will give you the chance to free up your inventory space when you need it most. Given the amounts of items that you will be collecting in the game, you will find this feature very handy to get rid of those items that aren’t worth of OSRS gold as much as others.

Having inventory space will prove to be vital as you progress throughout the game, especially when it comes to questing, Crafting and other tasks, making this neat addition a useful one.

Checking GE Listings

If you are new to OSRS, then you may be unfamiliar with the Grand Exchange. This is a place where players and buy or sell OSRS gold and items that are tradeable, with your purchased items and earned OSRS gold appearing after the sale. The majority of items in the game are available at the GE. With that in mind, you are able to check the listings on the Grand Exchange rather easily from your phone, so you can get the jump on the latest deals.

The price of items ultimately depends on how in demand the item is, and how many people are selling them. So, if you are looking for an item that is highly sought after, and there isn’t many sellers, then there is going to be a price hike. There is only a certain amount of the slots available for buying or selling items too, so it’s something that you need to keep an eye on.

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Checking HiScores

The beauty of having the internet at your fingertips whilst playing OSRS Mobile is that you can keep up-to-date with the latest rankings to check out all the latest progress. On the game’s official website, there is a feature called OSRS HiScores. This gives players an insight on the rankings of the players in the entire game.

The rankings are based on traits such as XP, minigame scores and more. These are then divided into different sections, such as HiScores, Ironman, Ultimate and Hardcore Ironman, Seasonal, Tournament and Deadman Mode. And yes, there is an option for you to even search for your own character, and get an insight on how you are progressing.

So, as you can see, the transition to mobile for Old School RS has been a fairly seamless one in a number of ways. The UI of OSRS Mobile is accessible for many and boasts convenience for the mobile platform. It has become a game that you can integrate with your daily routine, whether you are looking to do some-crafting on the go, some additional levelling up in your spare time, and so much more when playing on OSRS Mobile.

Have you checked out OSRS Mobile? How far do you think that OSRS Mobile accessible to the new players? Drop your opinion in the comments below!

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