The Positive effects of Mobile gaming

Learn about all the positives of mobile gaming

By next year, just over 45% of the population who own a smartphone will declare themselves as a mobile gamer. Improvements in smartphone devices and internet speeds have unlocked the capabilities of developers, who are now making better mobile games with more significant followings. Just look at Pokémon Go which became a worldwide craze making the most of a new augmented reality gaming trend. Pokémon Go was significant because it kicked any gamer stereotypes to the curb. Mobile gaming was no longer a sedentary activity that could lead to obesity and diabetes, but an active adventure that got you out of the house. And as a side benefit, this could lead to more people getting out of their homes and improving their mental health. But Pokémon Go is not the only one that has a positive effect. Let’s take a deeper look at the positive effects of mobile gaming.

Four positive effects of Mobile gaming

1. Mobile Games Can Enhance Cognition

Many mobile games are said to be good for our cognition, and scientific researchers have even backed up these claims. For example, German scholars found this activity can be beneficial for our problem-solving skills and our memory. Casino games that include mathematic skills like blackjack have also been found to provide this benefit. If you want to play casino titles on your device via a trusted app, the casino app for android phones and iOS devices from PartyCasino is a smart choice.

2. Mobile Games May Delay the Onset of Dementia

Research into the effects of mobile gaming is amassing, and another study has found that some titles can delay the onset of dementia. It is believed by keeping our brains working through gaming challenges and puzzles; we can keep them active enough to prevent any cognitive decline in people who may have dementia or have already been diagnosed with the ailment.

3. Developing a Better World through Mobile Gaming

There are even some mobile games out there where what happens in the virtual world is translated into the real one. A fine example is a title for kids called Tree Story, where players grow trees in the game, which then contributes to more trees being planted in forests around the world. The obvious benefit is that we get to create a better planet, but it also educates people about the necessity to do more good for society and the environment.

4. Improving Motor Skills

Not all mobile titles can develop motor skills, but some do. It is often a benefit experienced when people play games on the Wii console and have to do actions correctly to score points. But it is also possible in video gaming and mobile gaming through the practice of hand-eye coordination. When players play games that require good hand-eye coordination, they develop this skill which can help when trying to perform some motor skills that also need coordination.

What are your views on the positive effects of mobile gaming? On average how many hours do you spend on mobile games? Let us know in the comments below.

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