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Top 10 best Romantic games for mobile devices

Remember love will keep us alive!

Romance is something we don’t see people talking about often in the Mobile games industry. But to have something enjoyable to pass your free time, romantic games can be a decent option. This genre is mostly featured by women in most of the games. As people can enjoy both RPG and simulation at the same time, romantic games are fun to have on your mobiles. The characters that the games feature, the story behind each, and how to progress with one are entertaining. If you love playing this genre or searching for some best games out there, then here we have got you a list of the 10 best romantic games for mobile devices.

Best Romantic games for your mobile

1. LUV – interactive game

Made by Afivad Limited, this interactive simulator features voice chat rooms to discuss what you want. This game gives players a fun and hilarious game with a lot of joy and excitement to enjoy it. LUV- the interactive game is the perfect way to be ahead of the cool gossips and breaking news. Besides, players can get even close to their friends or can make new ones.

First released in August last year, the game continued to provide updates for its players so that the game remains interesting. One allegation about the game is that it pushes the players to spend money on the game and often shows irritating advertisements. The game promotes some sort of sexual assault as it offers players to take off others’ clothes! However, the game is fun to play and kills leisure time as well and hence deserves a try. The game is currently only available for Android users

2. Love Story: Teenage Drama

Imagine you have to decide between two handsome guys who both have an eye on you. One of them is your childhood friend who is sweet and caring. The other one is a mysterious new guy who has just moved to your hood and goes to your school. What you’ll choose?

This exciting visual novel game lets a player create their own love story with attractive characters and impressive visuals. After school life started, we all had to take many important decisions that made our way to where are we now. This game tells a similar story that we all have dealt with in school. Impressive visuals, cool characters, and simple gameplay combined in this immersive teenage love story present a dramatic romance.

Love Story: Teenage Drama, developed by Webelinx Love Story Games, lets a player take a journey into their “high school life” and find their ideal prom date. So, if you are a teenager who just crossed his/her 18, this could be a perfect time killer. This game is also currently only limited to Android users.

3. Is It Love? Matt – bad boy

Created by French developer 1492 Studio, Is It Love? Matt- Bad Boy is the second title from the Is It Love series. Players have to play as the heroine of the game. For three months now, she has been working at Carter Corp a company founded by the mysterious R. Carter and based in New York.

She immediately gets on well with her work colleague, Matt Ortega. A sweet guy, who seems to always find words that make her smile. The heroine feels extremely attracted to him and has set her mind on seducing him. But the moment she moves up a gear, her brother steps in, and his arrival may well change things. From here, it’s your journey now. The decisions a player makes, the story will change that way. With a total of eight characters in the game, it is a good choice in romantic genres.

4. Linda Brown: Interactive Story

One of the most known developer company that is Gameloft SE is behind this game. The developer tried their hands on almost every genre. As a result, they released the romantic RPG simulation Linda Brown: Interactive Story.

The game features a single character play where players will act as Linda Brown, a singer. The plot of the story starts when she breaks up with her boyfriend and moved to a new city. A new beginning full of new opportunities for Linda Brown, to finally make her music career take off and find true love. Linda Brown:

Interactive Story has a world full of romance, mystery, drama, and suspense to offer. Based on the decisions a player makes, the story will take different shapes. Dressing sense will impact the story. It has 600+ episodes where players will develop unique relationships with dozens of different characters. Also, quick mini in-game puzzles are available to move further in the story mode.

5. My Candy Love

My Candy Love, an RPG dating simulator game, is one of the most successful games ever made by Beemoov, is a free web and mobile episode games production company and most of the games they developed are under the romantic title.

Players have to collect the outfits and illustrations, participate in events and then, can live a passionate story with their Crush! The game has a different universe with unique stories to deliver. Players can choose among Sweet Amoris High School, Anteros Academy University, or can directly jump into the working world of Love Life.

With more than 60 episodes, the right choices in the dialogue will fill the Lov’o’Meter of the player’s crush. Players need to know the characters by spending time with them during the episodes.

6. Is It Love? Drogo – Vampire

Dating games are a visual novel type game in which players are the heroine/hero who is about to live true romance (love story) with possible twists such as seduction, betrayal, marriage, etc. The game is a part of the Is It Love series by 1492 Studio.

The plot is set where the heroine has decided to move to Mystery Spell to follow the exciting and esoteric course of its unusual university. Engaged as an au pair for the Bartholy family, she is in charge of looking after little Lorie. The hosts, two rich and quite eccentric brothers, are suspicious in character. The word vampire is floating on all lips without ever being pronounced. A player has to discover the secret they’re hiding. Love games with vampires included will offer different feelings for the players. 

7. Chapters: Interactive Stories

Chapters: Interactive Stories, a single-player simulation game by Crazy Maple Studio Dev that is best known for interactive games, is our number seven. It is a unique and fun twist to choose self-story adventures. This is an online game so that players will need a stable internet connection while playing.

The game offers different modes according to a player’s mood which a player can choose. The modes include Romance, Drama, Love Fantasy, Sci-fi, Young adult, Comedy, and even Vampire Stories to play. Also, players have to decide on hard life choices such as falling in love, discovering secrets, or unraveling deep mysteries. A player must choose wisely as every ending is different.

8. Romance Fate: Stories and Choices

Developed by Higgs technology co limited., this game was also released in 2020. Each choice matters in this romance title. The selection of choices is important. The manner of talking in a particular situation will raise the chances to head towards a happy ending or will create exciting moments.

In Romance Fate, players can fall in love with whom they think perfect, or can encounter playboys or billionaires, explore a fantasy world with vampires, and can act as the sea’s lost daughter, a mermaid. So, the possibilities are endless and the fun as well. This game lets players choose their favorite style for the main characters. They can enjoy romantic, amazing, and breath-taking experiences in different stories, or can experience different ways of life and make friends with characters from various worlds. So, if you want to lose yourself in the romantic world, this is another good choice to select.

9. Love Story ®: Interactive Stories & Romance Games

The name is big, but the game is small in size. This game is developed by Webelinx Games. Players can start with a classical real romance story such as pride and prejudice and the amazing jane eyre or with some steamier, riskier chapters and episodes, such as the ones they can find passion in the city, friends with benefits, boyfriend for hire, and many, many more.

All romance stories have multiple endings in this game that will vary depending on what a player chooses. The game updates the stories daily so that players stay attached to the game. Love Story ®: Interactive Stories & Romance Games features the ultimate collection of interactive steamy stories in which players choose their destiny: taboo themes, dating games, and real romance.

10. Episode – Choose Your Story

The name says it all. The game features different episodes to sneak into them and take the ultimate fun. Made by Episode Interactive, the game was released in 2014. With over 150,000 gripping stories, Episode is the world’s largest collection of interactive stories where players choose their destiny. Or become a creator and write their own.

Stories with love, romance, adventure, and drama fulfill the wish a romance lover could ask for. Over 100 million downloads prove the popularity of this game. Besides reading, players can write and publish their very own interactive stories on Episode’s platform. Some of the most popular stories of the game are love on fire, the kiss list, rule breaker, it’ll be our secret, I married a millionaire, etc. The episode publishes new stories every week. However, take note that Episode is free to play, but players can purchase game items with real money.

Final thoughts

We all have a romantic side of us whether we like to play this genre or not. But a lot of casual gamers love to jump into this genre as the story is controlled by them. Romance work as a bonus here. So, this was our best mobile romantic games list. Hope we’ll have some impact on your decisions when you’ll be searching for a good romantic game to play.

That’s all for the 10 Best Romantic Games for Mobile Devices. What are your opinions on this 10 Best Mobile Romantic games list? Let us know in the comments below.

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