Top 20 Mobile Cricket games to play this Cricket World Cup

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Being one of the most watched sports in the world, Cricket enjoys immense popularity in certain regions. While players not only like to play the game physically, across platforms we do have some interesting titles. However, numerous mobile cricket games are available in stores, only a handful boasts excellent graphics and features. With the 2023 edition of the Cricket World Cup approaching, the excitement for cricket games and beyond is reaching fever pitch, and hence to spend your time in virtual competition, we’ll recommend the top 20 mobile games that every cricket enthusiast should try during this Cricket World Cup.

Top 20 Mobile Cricket games to play this Cricket World Cup

1. World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3)

This is hands down one of the best Cricket games ever made. With plenty of game modes like Tournament, Career Mode for players, and more, WCC3 offers incredibly lifelike player movements, making it one of the most immersive cricket games on mobile thanks to its advanced motion-capture technology.

2. Real Cricket 22

Ranking WCC3 and this game ultimately depends on player preferences, and Real Cricket 22 offers an outstanding cricket experience in its own right. The game’s extensive range of batting shots and diverse bowling actions is a significant advantage, contributing to an exceptional overall gaming experience.

3. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Another excellently designed and executed cricket title awaits players. In Sachin Saga, you have the opportunity to assume the role of the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, enabling you to traverse his illustrious cricketing career, tackle various challenges, and even confront iconic bowlers. For fans of the Little Master, it’s a nostalgic journey worth experiencing.

4. World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2)

The World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the most energetic and one of the best Cricket game with respect to graphics. Like its successor, packs in the finer details of a Cricket experience- action replays, shareable match highlights, a choice of English or Hindi commentary, and even the ability to create banners to cheer on your players.

5. Cricket League

Cricket League offers an exciting and authentic 3D real-time multiplayer experience. It comes with an intuitive and easy-to-master control system, making it accessible for players of all skill levels. It’s a great choice for quick, enjoyable cricket matches on mobile.

6. ICC Cricket Mobile

An experience presented by Star Sports and nCore Games, ICC Cricket Mobile is the official game of the International Cricket Council. A personal fan of the presentation and simplistic graphics, the game offers a great experience for those who are in need of licensed player names and international tournaments like the Cricket World Cup, making it one of the best cricket games available.

7. World Cricket Battle 2 (WCB2)

World Cricket Battle 2 impresses with its stunning 3D graphics and realistic animations, providing an immersive cricket experience. The game offers an array of modes and challenges to assess your abilities, including multiple tournaments and a meticulously crafted My Career mode.

8. Hitwicket Cricket

This is a fun-filled game, where you assume the roles of a team owner, captain, and coach as you guide your players on a journey from rookies to cricket champions, ultimately molding them into world-class cricket superstars. It serves as an excellent pastime game, featuring straightforward controls and enjoyable game modes.

9. Cricket Captain 2023

This game seamlessly blends cricket with strategic team management, making it the perfect choice for those who relish tracking player stats and records alongside their passion for management. The latest installment of Cricket Captain 2023 undoubtedly stands out as the finest offering in the series and is certainly one of the best cricket games for mobile.

10. Stick Cricket Super League

In Stick Cricket Super League, create your own player and customize their appearance for T20 cricket glory. Compete with 70 teams from global cities, sign cricket superstars, and lead your team to ultimate championship victory, setting a new standard in mobile cricket gaming.

11. Real Cricket GO

Designed for low-end devices, Real Cricket GO still delivers a satisfying cricket experience, with simplified controls and realistic gameplay. Even with interesting features, GO is ideally suited for individuals who thoroughly enjoy playing cricket on their mobile devices for pure entertainment.

12. Epic Cricket

Epic Cricket distinguishes itself with its top-notch graphics and lifelike animations, delivering a visually breathtaking cricket experience. The gameplay is solid, featuring excellent graphics and user-friendly controls that facilitate quick learning for players.

13. T20 Cricket Champions 3D

This game focuses on the excitement of T20 cricket, offering fast-paced matches and simple controls to keep track of. There are plenty of live events that are in the game as well, where quick match and tournament modes are regular.

14. Real Cricket 20

While it may not quite match up to Real Cricket 20, given its two-year difference, Real Cricket 20 still offers a compelling experience with well-executed features. Many of the elements present here are nearly identical, albeit with some minor distinctions, and remains one of the highest downloaded cricket games.

15. Stick Cricket Premier League

From the creators of Stick Cricket, Stick Cricket Premier League lets you create and customize your player to face the world’s top bowlers. Travel from Mumbai to Melbourne as team owners vie for your signature, and build your dream team with over 50 Star Players, each offering unique advantages for your squad.

16. World Cricket Championship Lt

I would say this was one of those games that changed cricket games on mobile. While newer games have emerged, the World Cricket Championship paved the way for superbly executed 3D cricket experiences on mobile platforms. The game still punches a catch, and you can enjoy it like you used to.

17. Super Cricket 2

Super Cricket 2 adds a fresh dimension to cricket games with its fast-paced gameplay and lighthearted graphics. It offers multiple difficulty modes and a plethora of tournaments to enjoy, making it a lot of fun to play through them all.

18. WCC Cricket Blitz

One more fantastic title from WCC3 makers Nextwave Multimedia, WCC Cricket Blitz is designed for quick cricket matches on the go, featuring short formats and exciting gameplay. Players get to compete in 4 game modes that provide hours of entertainment, which is the best for quick breaks.

19. Wicket Cricket Manager

Wicket Cricket Manager, a unique cricket management game, excels in delivering an enjoyable experience. You can choose your cricket league, such as India, Australia, England, or South Africa, and begin your journey in the lowest division, aiming for promotions through victories.

20. WCC Rivals

WCC Rivals offers a real-time 1v1 multiplayer action where you can experience thrilling batting and bowling innings against human opponents worldwide. Customize your Squad roster as you see fit, train to be the best, and prepare for the ultimate cricket challenge in both ranked and unranked modes.

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