Top 20 Best Football Games for Mobile that you should definitely try

Time for football to shine!

Football isn’t just a sensation on the field; it’s a thrill that extends seamlessly into the virtual realm. Whether you’re a console gamer or a mobile enthusiast, the excitement of football is right at your fingertips. As the pulse of a live match quickens your blood, mobile football games bring that same heart-throbbing intensity to your screen. If you’re rocking a smartphone or tablet, get ready for a lineup of the Top 20 Football Games for Mobile that will keep the football fever burning bright within you!

Top 20 Mobile Football games to play 

1. eFootball

efootball-2024-PES-Argentina-Messi-cover, eFootball link KONAMI ID
Image via KONAMI

eFootball, formerly PES is leading in the genre of football games on mobile that offers the best graphics coupled with a superb performance. In addition controlling the players on the pitch to managing your team with distinct player personalities, unique skills, playstyles, and goal celebrations enhances the football playing experience! There are also online multiplayer battles, so you can compete with your friends, or on a global level. Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

2. EA Sports FC Mobile

FC Mobile Best young players cover
Image via Electronic Arts

FIFA Mobile, now EA FC Mobile is arguably one of the most popular soccer games on mobile with outstanding graphics, decent mechanics, and a lot of content thanks to a variety of events. The latest update still is a great embodiment of a football title, and surely one of the best the genre has to offer. If you are a fan of many different events and collecting players, this is the go-to game with close competition to eFootball. You can download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

3. Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer DLS 2024 Rodrygo KdB Celeb Game Cover
Image via First Touch Games Ltd

Dream League Soccer is one of the most downloaded football games on mobile. You can not only build a team, but also make them good, and win championships. but also play actual soccer with the team you made. In addition, the graphics and controls aren’t half bad either which puts it in the upper echelon of soccer games, making it one of the best picks to choose. Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

4. Football Manager Mobile

Netflix Football Manager 2024 mobile cover
Image via SEGA

Now let us jump to a more in-depth football game in Football Manager Mobile. Here, you get to lead your dream soccer team to victory in this elite management game by scouting top players. Make crucial in-match tweaks for immersive experiences. Develop your managerial reputation based on your approach, personality, and transfer decisions, while an enhanced onboarding experience ensures you’re ready for the challenge. Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

5. Score! Hero

Score! Hero is a 3D gesture-based football game. It offers one of the best storylines where the user plays from a young footballer’s perspective, who is trying to become a major star in the football world. To do so, he must succeed in different challenges. The game is easy to play but tough to master. It also allows the player to customize the hero for unique looks. Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

6. Soccer Manager 

Soccer Manager 2024, Soccer Manager 2024 redeem free codes
Image via Invincibles Studio

Another pretty fun management game, Soccer Manager 2024 offers great enjoyment as the ultimate mobile football management game. Take charge of your favorite club managing real players with precise attributes from the Soccer Wiki database. Engage in major international tournaments, experience stunning visuals, and handle transfers, training, tactics, and club development to rise as champions in this immersive football management experience. Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

7. World Soccer League

mobirix’s World Soccer League offers you an authentic football experience with impressive dribbling and thrilling shooting and captures memorable moments with image and video options. Achievements and Global Activity features add to the excitement, and the game supports 15 languages and tablet devices for a truly immersive soccer experience. Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

8. Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager

This game is popular thanks to its ads floating around, but to be honest, it is really fun to play. Top Eleven gives an enhanced 3D live soccer match experience, showcasing exciting and requested additions to bring players even closer to the thrill of the soccer field. With Playstyles featuring unique skills and new animations, night scenes, and 3D crowds, the match day pulse comes to life. Enjoy diverse camera angles to control how you observe your strong soccer tactics develop. Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

9. Football League

With over 100 million downloads, this game is pretty popular thanks to it being available for low-end devices too. With simple gameplay, good graphics, and game mechanics, Football League allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the game as you take full control over team tactics and formations to climb to the top and become world champions. Utilize strategic tactics to elevate your team in the ranks and create soccer stars that define legendary teams. Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

10. Football Strike

Football Strike is one of the best single-handed football games out there. The game boasts different online game modes such as hitting the targets in a fast-paced mode, time-limited battle for points in Shooting Race mode, or taking turns as both striker and goalkeeper in the one-on-one Free Kick mode! With simple, fast gameplay Football Strike is easy to play and offers endless competitive football fun! Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

11. Real Football

Gameloft’s Real Football remains a timeless favorite for low-end devices, featuring 3D stadiums with polished shadows, detailed textures, and lively spectators for an exciting atmosphere. Enjoy multiple camera views during cutscenes and set pieces, providing a richer broadcast and a first-person sensation. Experience improved opponents and smarter player positioning, creating a more realistic and challenging gameplay. Download it now on the Android platform.

12. Captain Tsubasa: Ace 

Captain Tsubasa ace cover, Captain Tsubasa closed beta, Captain Tsubasa ace tier list
Image via DeNa

Captain Tsubasa: Ace is a relatively recent launch, banking on the popular Captain Tsubasa IP. Personally have tried it, it is a fun game that comes with good depth, which is a surprise. You have two major modes in Dream League and Ace Duel while having strategic formations and real-time operations with training players to influence their on-field performance and skill deployment. Download now on your Android and iOS devices.

13. Final Kick: Online Soccer

Final Kick offers a straightforward yet engaging soccer experience – shoot the ball with your finger and make impressive saves by dragging the goalkeeper. Engage in real-time free soccer multiplayer matches against friends or online opponents, showcasing your skills in short games. With 20 offline tournaments featuring the best teams of 2022, you can also play without an internet connection. Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

14. Soccer Super Star

A bit similar to our fifth pick Score Hero, Soccer Super Star offers you to become the hero in every match by reflecting on your strategy as you level up through dream leagues. Perfect for those who love action arcade soccer without the need for extensive practice. The easy-to-learn controls let you kick the ball with a simple flick, but as you progress, challenges increase, requiring a solid strategy to score goals. Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

15. Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Let’s go Anime with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, a multiplayer football game where you get to relive the comic in Story Mode, experience iconic Special Skills in 3D, and join the Champions League. Customize your dream team, engage in various online modes, and enhance players through training for an authentic football battle. Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

16. Retro Goal

Retro Goal cover, Retro Goal mobile, Retro Goal Beginners Guide, Retro Goal Tactics
Image via New Star Games

Want to kick a ball in the retro-90s style? Then Retro Goal from New Star Games Ltd is a fantastic pick. Featuring graphics inspired by beloved 16-bit football games and precise touchscreen controls, score pixel-perfect goals. Select a team from top leagues, recruit superstars, and take full control of the pitch for a thrilling gaming experience. Download it now on Android and iOS platforms.

17. Mini Soccer Star

Mini Soccer gameplay
Image via Viva Games Studios

Let us jump into something ‘mini’. Mini Soccer Star is one such example, which offers a fun pixelated football experience. Join real teams, leagues, and cups, including the prestigious Premier, aiming to become a soccer star. Enjoy offline play, goalkeeper roles, and addictive training challenges. Download now on your Android and iOS devices.

18. Striker Manager 3

Striker Manager 3 cover
Image via UPLAY Online

Striker Manager 3 is an offering from UPLAY Online. You play as the owner of in-game assets, while you strategically generate income and build your legacy in football, watching your club’s value grow under your visionary management. There is plenty of multiplayer excitement on offer. Compete daily in the global arena, facing off against real managers. Navigate promotions and relegations based on your team’s performance in the two-month season. Download now on Google Play Store and App Store.

19. Head Soccer

I was curious about the game hype since it has a huge number of downloads, but can see why. Head Soccer is a pretty fun football title that comes with easy-to-learn controls. Execute lethal shots like dragon shoot and ice shoot to beat opponents while you enjoy various avatars, and unique special shots, and engage in different game modes such as Arcade, Tournament, and Online Multiplayer. Download now on your Android and iOS devices.

20. AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games

AFK Football release
Image via Wildlife Studios

AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games is a bit different from the games mentioned here, but it serves its purpose. It offers you fast-paced, emergent football action, and you can even challenge friends and global managers in PvP. So, why wait? Devise unique strategies, unlock powerful stars through quests, build an all-star team, and customize your club. Download now on your Android and iOS devices.

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