Ace Racer: NetEase Games’ futuristic racing game begins North American beta test on Android

After the release of the Chinese and Phillipines version the game is out for beta test in NA region!

NetEase Games has announced that the first North American beta test for Ace Racer will begin on April 8th and will run until April 26th, 2022. Ace Racer will be available exclusively on Google Play during that period. The goal of the beta test is to collect players’ feedback, in order to improve and optimize the racing game’s content ahead of launch.

Ace Racer is a racing game that features licensed vehicles from legendary car manufacturers, as well as surreal and unique vehicles that have a range of customization options. Collecting luxury and high-tech cars and customizing them with fancy accessories could be realized in the game. Now, Ace Racer enables players to fill their garage with numerous vehicles.

Each car even has its unique Ultimate ability, which can be unleashed at the right moment to beat the competition. The unprecedented driving experience can even be enjoyed in a single minute with a phone to hand. Ace Racer lets players hit the track in the Ranked Race, Duo Rally, Transformation Tussle, and Practise modes, with teams able to race together and take on different roles with unique traits.

Race on tracks all over the world with a fast gameplay

Ace Racer features fast gameplay with tight controls, but there is more to the cars in this game than just an engine and wheels. Each vehicle in Ace Racer has its own Ultimate ability, allowing players to unleash unique powers on the track.

Ace Racer North American beta test
Image via NetEase

This includes the ability to pass through walls, drift at high speed, and even transform into a new vehicle. The visuals and sounds of the Ultimate are designed to give players a rush like they’re back in the arcades.

The tracks in Ace Racer come from all over the world, with various different settings to race through, including cities, forests, countryside, and the desert. Players can see beautiful scenery and famous tourist attractions during each race, so long as you’re willing to take your eyes off the road.

Ace Racer will be a perfect bite-sized racing experience for players

The stages look incredible, and each player can tailor their racer and vehicle to match. Ace Racer features numerous luxury cars to collect and customize, while also letting players kit out their character in a number of stylish outfits.

The races in Ace Racer can be completed in around a minute, making it the perfect bite-sized racing experience for when players have a moment of spare time, while still being deep enough to keep players entertained for long play sessions.

The dynamic and fast-paced action of Ace Racer can be enjoyed by everyone, with gameplay that’s easy to pick up, while still offering challenges for those who wish to be the best.

What are your thoughts about Ace Racer North American beta test on Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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