Ace Racer crosses 1 million pre-registrations ahead of its release on March 16th

NetEase Games has announced that its mobile racing game Ace Racer has crossed over 1 million pre-registrations, ahead of its launch on Android and iOS devices on March 16th. All of those players will be the first to hit the track upon launch, receiving special items that will help them deck out their ride and make their player character the best-looking racer on the track.

Ace Racer is a racing game that brings high-speed action to mobile devices, allowing players to live out their driving fantasies on the go, including ensuring that the vehicle and the driver look the part. The release of Ace Racer is just one week away, but there’s still time to nab some in-game goodies. If you pre-register on the App Store or Google Store, you will receive British campus-style fashion, helmets, and Aston Martin DB11 Paint.

Ace Racer lets players drive luxury cars with visuals true to real-life vehicles

The “Ultimate Skill” feature of Ace Racer allows players to use their vehicles’ special skills to their advantage. Players can enhance their racing experience with cutting-edge technology thanks to these Ultimate Skills, which can make the vehicle dash, fly, or even convert it into various machines. The Ultimate Skill mechanic introduces a wild card into the races, but winning requires supreme driving talent and steely nerves, so you’ll need to put your abilities to the test to outperform the opposition.

Ace Racer global release
Image via NetEase

Ace Racer has a futuristic edge thanks to Ultimate Skills, but it doesn’t mean it is based on fiction. Ace Racer, on the other hand, allows users to operate high-end automobiles with realistically rendered images, such as the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, NISSAN GT-R, and Aston Martin DB 11. Ace Racer will be your new favorite game if you’ve ever wanted to have a garage full of the best racing cars in the world since it lets you do just that.

Ace Racer offers lots of character and vehicle customization for the players

Ace Racer has many tracks that are based on actual locations, including California, Nevada, Shanghai, and Tokyo, so it’s not just the opulent cars that are realistic. Hence, in addition to allowing you to compete on these magnificent stages, the Photo Trip mode also allows you to leisurely explore them. You can then drive around the circuit looking for the most picturesque locations to snap stunning pictures.

Ace Racer Cars Car Girl Tier List Cover
Image via NetEase

Being a racing icon requires more than just great driving; you also need to look the part. Ace Racer offers lots of character and vehicle customization choices to help with this. They offer a variety of stylish accessories to adorn your vehicles and allow you to dress your player in a variety of cool, adorable, and sensual clothes. This implies that you can not only dominate the opposition and win, but you can also look fantastic doing it.

Ace Racer is really about competing against other players to display your abilities. There will be plenty of players to challenge when the game starts on March 16th thanks to the large number of competitors who have already signed up during the pre-registration period from all over the world. The most thrilling racing adventure of your life is about to begin, so make sure to fire up your engines and pre-register your interest in Ace Racer as soon as possible.

What are your thoughts as Ace Racer begins crosses 1 million pre-registrations ahead of its global release? Let us know in the comments below!

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