ACEFORCE 2 is in development by Tencent Games and is likely to see a global launch

Preparations in full swing!

Tencent Games is looking to deliver the sequel of ACE FORCE globally, and it looks like the Chinese Gaming giant has submitted a trademark application for ACEFORCE 2, complete with its official logo, in both Europe and Canada.

Tencent aims to deliver ACEFORCE 2 to a global market

Ace Force, developed by Tencent, is a mobile first-person shooter that adopts an anime-style aesthetic. The game features gameplay and mechanics that if you monitor closely remind you of Overwatch. Well, we global players didn’t get to experience this, with distinctive anime character designs and Mandarin as the primary language.

Even though you can’t compare the two games given the difference in platforms, it was close to what we have an expectation of Overwatch on mobile. Still, Tencent didn’t launch it globally and hence we didn’t get to see it. Now, with the trademark filed in Europe and Canada, there is no doubt about a global launch for ACEFORCE 2.

We have a simple ACEFORCE 2 logo that stands out with its distinctive visual appeal, sparking curiosity about the game’s overall design and direction. Although details about the gameplay and the launch timeline are currently unavailable, speculation and comparisons to the original ACE FORCE are being made, allowing imaginations to run wild with possibilities for the sequel.

It also appears that Tencent has taken steps to secure the “western” domain for ACEFORCE 2 with the registration of, although if you click it you’ll know it is currently inactive. It’s noteworthy that the Chinese domain for the original ACE FORCE,, presents a region-based site.

What are your thoughts on ACEFORCE 2 could be in the making from Tencent Games? Let us know in the comments below!

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