Aegislash might arrive next in Pokémon UNITE according to leaks

New all-rounder joining the crew

After the latest release of Trevenant in Pokemon UNITE with update, it was almost expected that nothing very exciting will be in the spotlight very soon. But dismantling the anticipation, real exciting news popped out of the leaks about the next Pokemon to be released in Pokemon Unite, which is Aegislash. Along with this the probable Season 5 Battle Pass skins were disclosed. 

The current Agent of Disaster pass will be ending when January ends and what looks like the next Battle Pass will be western-themed titled ‘New Sheriff in Town’. There will be two new cool holowears for Zeraora and Dragonite. Along with this leak, it was revealed that the next playable Pokemon Aegislash. There has been quite some hype in Reddit and in different community gatherings about this latest release as this was a sudden surprise. 

Leaks reveal Aegislash movesets in Pokemon UNITE

Pokemon unite aegislash leaks
Image via ElchicoEvee on Twitter

The steel/ghost type Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y really looked like getting some attention from the trainers as they are fascinated about a new All-Rounder Pokemon with such stats. The Pokemon Aegislash can change stance and switch between damage taking and high damage dealing. The movesets possibilities are Iron Defense, King’s Shield, Sacred Sword, and Shadow Claw.

Pokemon unite aegislash moveset, Pokemon unite aegislash leaks
Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon UNITE Aiegislash release date

The Pokemon Company has confirmed all the speculations and confirmed the release date of Aieguslash in Pokemon Unite as February 10, 2022.

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