Pokémon UNITE January 20, 2022 update ( patch notes

Lucario and Zeraora are nerfed again!

The Pokemon Company has pushed a brand new patch update in Pokemon Unite on January 20, 2022. This new patch, labeled as update, mostly brings bug fixes, balance changes, text fixes, and shop updates. Please find the complete details given below.

Pokémon UNITE January 20, 2022 update patch notes: Balance Changes

Talonflame (Adjusted)

After this new patch update, the flying beast got some adjustments to its abilities.

  • Fly: Cooldown is reduced when hitting an enemy Pokemon, Damage reduced, Cooldown increased
  • Aerial Ace: Added the effect of recovering HP on hit, Adjusted the operation.

Charizard (Buffed)

Charizard has not been getting the love it was supposed to. With this new update, it is expected that this Pokemon will be used more in the battles

Pokemon Unite Charizard
Pokemon Unite Charizard
  • Standard attack: Movement Speed while using Standard Attacks is reduced.
  • Flame Thrower: You can now use the move while moving.
  • Fire Blast: You can now use the move while moving.
  • Siesmic Slam: Range increased.

Decidueye (Buffed)

  • Basic attack: After reaching Level 7, Standard Attacks have increased their health healing effects
  • Spirit Shackle: This move can now be charged up to 3 times. Fixed a bug where the damage of Spirit Shackle was enhanced with or without charge when cancelling the move.
  • Razor Leaf: Damage increased
  • Leaf Storm: Range Increased. Push back effect strengthened.
  • Nock Nock: This move’s activation time is reduced

Machamp (Buffed)

The fighter pokemon has been out of meta for a long time. With the Pokémon UNITE January 20, 2022, update ( patch, Machamp is expected to return to the battlefield much stronger.

Pokemon Unite Machamp
Pokemon Unite Machamp
  • Basic attack: After level 7, the health recovery effect of normal attacks is increased.
  • Karate Chop: Damage is increased.
  • Dynamic Punch: Move range increased.
  • Submission: Effect on Machamp will still apply even if the effects of Submission does not affect the opponent Pokemon.

Gengar (Buffed)

Gengar has been mostly ignored by the players because of its low utility until now. However, these much-needed buffs will bring it back to the arena.

  • Hex: Move now learned at Level 5. Damage is decreased.
  • Dream Eater: Move now learned at Level 5. KOing opponents will reduce the cooldown of this move.
  • Hex+: Move now learned at Level 11.
  • Dream Eater+: Move now learned at Level 11.
  • Sludge Bomb: Move now learned at Level 7.
  • Shadow Ball: Move now learned at Level 7.
  • Sludge Ball+: Move now learned at Level 13.
  • Shadow Ball+: Move now learned at Level 13.

Zeraora (Adjusted)

  • Volt Absorb: Fixed a bug where the effect of Volt Absorb was activated after being KO’d.
  • Wild Charge: Fixed a bug where the increase in the number of attacks due to sparks has been disabled.

Garchmop (Adjusted)

Until now, it is not revealed if Garchomp getting any stats adjustment in Pokémon UNITE January 20 2022 update. If we get any information, we’ll update this space.

  • Dig: Text changed to: Has the user burrow underground and move quickly in the designated direction, jumping out when it comes in contact with an opposing Pokemon or it has traveled a maximum distance. This jump deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and throws them. Using this move increases the user’s Defense and Sp. Def. for a short time
  • Dig+: Text changed to: Increases the length of the time opposing Pokemon are thrown when the user jumps out from the ground
  • Earthquake: Text changed to: Has the user jump high into the air and crash forcefully to the ground, dealing damage over time to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and decreasing their movement speed for a short time.
  • Earthquake+: Text changed to: For a short time, further decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokemon that are in the move’s area of effect and especially close to the user.
  • Dragon Rush: Text changed to : Has the user back up to create distance before diving to attack in the designated direction, shoving opposing Pokemon. The user can use Dragon Claw while creating distance at the beginning of the move to create a combo attack, which strengthens Dragon Claw’s effect that decreases the opposing Pokemon’s movement speed. This move reduces the damage the user receives while using it.
  • Dragon Rush+: Text changed to: The user becomes immune to hindrances while using this move.
  • Dragon Claw: Text changed to: Has the user attack twice in front of itself using its claws. The first attack deals damage to the opposing Pokemon and then throws them. The second deals increased damage and decreases the movement speed of the opposing Pokemon for a short time.

Dragonite (Nerfed)

The last dragon pokemon to be added in the game is Dragonite and has been ruling the arena for a while. So the nerf was inevitable with this Pokémon UNITE January 20, 2022, patch update (

  • Basic attack: Attack range reduced.
  • Hyper Beam: Damage reduced.
  • Extreme Speed: Range increased. Cooldown reduced. Bug fixes.
  • Draco Impct: Unite Move gauge consumption increased.

Tsareena (Nerfed)

  • Basic attack: Attack speed increased.
  • Triple Axel: Attack speed buff decreased. Damage reduced.
  • Stomp: HP recovery increased.
  • Grassy Glide: Removed movement speed slow effect. Cooldown increased.

Lucario (Nerfed)

The fan favorite Lucario has been getting nerfs for a long time due to his overpowers. With the recent update, it got another nerf.

Pokemon Unite Lucario
Pokemon Unite Lucario
  • Meteor Mash: Damage dealt decreased. Effects on opposing Pokemon weakened.
  • Extreme Speed: HP recovery reduced.
  • Close Combat: Move effect strengthened.
  • Power up Punch: Fixed a bug where Power-Up Punch would not hit immediately after using Meteor Mash.

Pokémon UNITE January 20 2022 update patch notes: Battle Item Changes

  • X-Attack: X Attack now increases the speed of your Pokemon’s basic attacks, its Sp. Atk, and Attack
  • Slow Somke: Slow Smoke now significantly reduce the movement speed and basic attack speed of the opposing Pokemon. Its effects are also strengthened and the duration is increased.
  • Fluffy Tail: Fixed a bug where Fluffy Tail could be used for other than Wild Pokemon.

With these massive balance changes, the meta is expected to change in Pokemon Unite.

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