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Alchemy Stars celebrates 2.5-Year Anniversary with a new limited-time event Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I

Level Infinite and Tourdog Studio, the visionary creators behind Alchemy Stars, are set to redefine the gaming landscape with their latest in-game event. The unveiling of the ‘Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I’ event marks a pivotal moment in the illustrious journey of Alchemy Stars, offering players an unparalleled experience as part of the 2.5-year anniversary celebration.

Exclusive Stages and Rewards will be available in Alchemy Stars 2.5-Year Anniversary celebration

Prepare for an immersive odyssey with the unveiling of the Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I event – an experience that transcends mere nomenclature. Within this captivating journey, players will navigate through meticulously crafted stages such as ‘The Homecoming’ and ‘Lost Ship At Sea,’ each offering a distinctive and engaging gameplay experience.

Introducing The Docks, a new event store that beckons players with its treasures and exclusive offerings. Here, enthusiasts can discover an array of coveted items and rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement to their Alchemy Stars adventure. The meticulous design of The Docks ensures that every visit is an opportunity for discovery and progression.

For those seeking an extra layer of challenge, the Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I event presents the Aurorian Trial stages, where players can test their strategic prowess against formidable adversaries. This feature promises not only adrenaline-pumping battles but also rich rewards for those who emerge victorious.

Alchemy Stars Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I event
Image via Level Infinite

And, of course, the celebration wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the brilliance of the login rewards. Designed to be nothing short of stellar, these rewards promise to illuminate the journey with exclusive and valuable items, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

In essence, the Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I event isn’t just a title – it’s an expedition into a world of unparalleled challenges, rewards, and excitement. Brace yourself for an adventure that goes beyond expectations, inviting players to explore, conquer, and revel in the magic of Alchemy Stars’ 2.5-year anniversary celebration.

New Gameplay and Recruitment Events coming in Alchemy Stars Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I event

The update is bringing the heat with the new Fusion Ritual gameplay and Arcanic Artisan limited-time recruitment event. Get your hands on Xuan Ji and dive into the Sunken Treasure Cove event for unique rewards.

Alchemy Stars Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I event
Image via Level Infinite

Winter has arrived in full force, and with it comes the exclusive Winter Ode Special Recruitment – your golden opportunity to bolster your team with elite 6-star Aurorians. Seize the moment, as recruiting 10 times guarantees a triumphant addition to your roster!

Embark on a thrilling journey as the latest update unveils the enigmatic Longzhou faction, injecting a riveting narrative twist into the tapestry of Alchemy Stars. Navigators, brace yourselves to welcome the formidable 5-Star Aurorian, Li Tianxian, as she joins your crew, adding a dynamic powerhouse to the ever-expanding array of formidable allies. Get ready to unravel the mysteries and forge new alliances in this exciting chapter of Alchemy Stars.

Prepare for an enhanced gaming experience with streamlined optimizations to the Special Event Book, Store, and Main Lobby UI, offering players a sleek and intuitive interface. The horizon also brings the unveiling of a new Formation screen, providing a fresh perspective on team dynamics.

Additionally, brace yourself for a revamped combat damage calculation feature that promises to elevate your strategic gameplay to new heights. These thoughtful updates are designed to immerse players in a seamless and engaging journey through the Alchemy Stars universe.

Are you excited about the Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I event in Alchemy Stars? Let us know in the comment section below!

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