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Alchemy Stars Beginners Guide and Tips

Chase the Light in this Thrilling New Adventure!

Alchemy Stars is a line strategy RPG mobile game developed by TourDog Studio with the involvement of Tencent Games and is available for free to download on Android and iOS. A self-proclaimed revolutionary game that promises to elevate the genre to levels yet to be reached, the long-awaited and recently released Alchemy Stars has already garnered over a million pre-registrations worldwide. If a player needs a Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks to be an expert player in Alchemy Stars, go through this article, it will provide a player with basic strategies.

Getting Started with Alchemy Stars

Set in a fantasy world packed with science and magic, Alchemy Stars offers its players well-written lore with distinctive characters. Players are thrust into the role of the sole survivor of an extinct race who must now join hands with their allies to defeat the enemies responsible for all the bloodshed.

Alchemy Stars Beginners Guide
Alchemy Stars gameplay

A gacha game at heart, the turn-based combat gameplay of Alchemy Stars is simple. To activate attacks and deal damage to the enemy, players have to guide their Aurorians in a path that leads towards the enemy by selecting matching adjacent tiles. The higher the number of tiles of the same color-matched, the more powerful the attack. The tiles for each battle have four colors that represent four elements and are randomly placed, enabling players to strategize on what moves to make to achieve victory with minimum damage. An optional auto-mode is also available if players are not interested in combat. There is no PvP mode available as of now.

Introducing the Aurorian Elements

The game has over 80 characters or Aurorians, each of whom specializes in single or more elements that represent either Fire, Water, Thunder, or Forest. Water beats Fire, Fire beats Forest, Forest beats Thunder and Thunder beats Water. Here is more info on these character elements to help players achieve victory in an optimal fashion.

Water (Blue)

This is a well-rounded and free-to-play-friendly element that can be of many uses. Players are provided with 3 free strong characters that specialize in water elements early on into the game. As a lot of the enemy bosses specialize in Fire, Water teams come in handy. This is probably the best element for beginners when it comes to building a team.

Fire (Red)

Characters of the Fire element are extremely powerful and responsible for causing the most DPS (damage per second) in Alchemy Stars. Fire also possesses great supports, including 5-star support that deals incredibly high AOE (Area of Effect) damage. Beginners could choose to build Fire teams because of their strength.

Forest (Green)

The mechanics of Forest units are unique, to say the least. Characters specializing in Forest can be overpowered at times, especially because of their mobility when they are able to move to other tiles without a turn being counted. Some can also reset tiles. Forest teams are not recommended for beginners as they are more complex compared to other elements.

Thunder (Yellow)

Thunder teams are balanced when it comes to flexibility and DPS. They have long-ranged skills that can be very useful when it comes to attacking enemies many tiles away. Beginners can build a good team around Thunder Aurorians.

Alchemy Stars Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Choose the right element for the team

It is important to remember that the more mono-element a team is, the higher its synergy and the stronger the team. It is suggested that players build a team around all characters that specialize in a single element. As stated above, Water is the recommended element for beginners.

Fire is a good shout, whereas Forest is too complicated, and Thunder is decent at best. Choosing a single element for the whole team helps players take advantage of the converters they choose.

2. Know and choose the most optimal roles for the team

Alchemy Stars Beginners Guide: Roles for your team

Each Aurorian in the game is given the role of either Converter, Sniper, Detonator, or Support. Like elements, some Aurorians can also play multiple roles. It is important that players have characters in their team that fulfill all these roles. Usually, all teams have a damage dealer, a converter, support, and 2 empty slots. Those slots are suggested to be taken up by damage dealers if the healers can hold on their own.

Converters are useful when it comes to changing the colors of tiles on the battlefield to pave a suitable path for the other Aurorian warriors to defeat the enemy. Supports are mostly healers and buffers that generate barriers. These are essential for every team as healers are vital for HP missions when teams are asked to not get below certain HP levels.
Snipers and Detonators are both DPS units that are put in the team to deal heavy damage against the enemies. Detonators deal in area damage while Snipers are needed to deal single target damage.

3. Connect as many tiles as possible

Alchemy Stars Beginners Guide
Find the perfect combination to victory

This is a simple piece of advice all beginners should follow. When attacking the enemy, it is best to connect with a line as many adjacent tiles as possible to not only deal with multiple enemies with a single turn but also to cause high damage to the enemy. If players are able to connect 15 tiles, a special mechanism Aurora Time gets activated that helps defeat the enemy faster. Aurora Time enables players to play another move without being counted as a turn, which can help when it comes to healing or getting farther away from the enemy.

4. Keep collecting your Free Rewards

As the game has just launched, the developers have been very kind to beginners. Players are showered with gifts almost every day, but to avail these gifts, they are required to check their in-game Mail and claim the rewards. As these rewards might have an expiry date, it is recommended to claim them as soon as possible.

Tapping on the chatting option above the Mail icon is also an easy way to get free rewards. Chat with the characters for a few seconds and get +5 Affinity. Players are also encouraged to add as many friends as possible to get free Nightium and Lumamber. There are daily, plot, and branch quests and mission objectives that can be fulfilled to claim valuable rewards.

5. Choose the right element for the secondary team

Beginners may reach a stage where they possess dual teams and participate in boss stages. For this, it is highly recommended that the element players choose for their second team counters the counter of their first team’s element.

For example, if the player’s primary team is Fire, the counter of Fire is Water and the counter of Water is Thunder. The secondary team the player should choose is thus Thunder. This way ensures that boss stages are successfully won by countering the enemy.

That’s all for today’s Alchemy Stars beginners guide. Did you find our Alchemy Stars beginners guide and tips useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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