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Alchemy Stars celebrates Halloween with its new “One Cut of Screams” event

Spooky season comes to Eoria!

The brand-new horror event “One Cut of Screams” gets underway with Alchemy Stars. Players can now go “Into the Haunted House,” “Into The Secret Room,” “Set Construction Time!,” and meet the legendary Aurorian Lilica as part of an ominous tale that is in the works. Just keep in mind that everyone scares solely out of concern.

Explore the Haunted House for an otherworldly tale in Alchemy Stars

The new Alchemy Stars event kicks out with a scary mansion and the chance to meet a brand-new 5-star Aurorian in “One Cut of Screams.” In order to receive rewards like Antique Coins and Lumamber, players must progress through the “Into the Haunted House” stages.

As you get up the nerve to move on through the mansion, you’ll have the opportunity to enter “The Secret Room” and meet the 5-star Aurorian Sadie, who will become your new best friend. In this unique event shop, you can exchange her and her Solamber for Antique Coins, as well as things like Special Star Flare, Aurorian upgrade components, and otherworldly accouterments like the Spooky Tree and Mocking Mask.

The Secret Room event store is open until November 17, while the event runs from October 20 through November 14. Treats are being given out as a celebration of the occasion! Every day as a surprise for “One Cut of Screams,” beginning on October 20 and lasting through October 24, players will receive 120 Prism and 2 Carriers.

Set the Stage in Cloud Gardens during the event

In the Cloud Gardens of Alchemy Stars, it’s literally lights, camera, and action. Starting on October 20 to November 14, players will first create the scene by building a real film set using “Construction Time!” to obtain the building, movie scripts, and Lumamber. The “Lights, Camera, Action!” minigame allows players to gain additional furniture and access to hidden content by completing scripts. Your favorite Aurorians can join together and perform at special events!

A few further Cloud Gardens upgrades are also coming. Petrowood can be used by players to assemble the Windelion Festival Furnishing Set. Four new diary events could be earned by you. Korgon will assist you in unlocking the Bighead Carp and six other new, uncommon fish if you go fishing. On October 20, everyone will also receive a mail containing Diluent x10 and Fortified Pheromone x10.

Claim exciting log-in rewards during the One Cut of Screams event

For eight days starting October 20 and running through November 14, players can earn Lumamber and other helpful rewards, like:

  • Antique Coin x500, General Jasper II x5 (Log in for one day)
  • Lumamber x100, Nightium x5,000 (Log in for two days)
  • Antique Coin x1,000, Recharger Pack x1 (Log in for three days)
  • Lumamber x200, Anonymous Gift I x3 (Log in for four days)
  • Antique Coin x1,000, Nightium x10,000 (Log in for five days)
  • Vintage Wine x5, Recharger Pack x2 (Log in for six days)
  • Antique Coin x2,000, Anonymous Gift I x4 (Log in for seven days)
  • Lumamber x500, Avatar: Shutter Lilica (Log in for eight days)

Even more, rewards are blowing your way with the Whirlwind Sign-in. This blustery login event starts October 26 and runs through November 10. For eight days, you can earn rewards like Lumamber, an avatar, and more such as:

  • Lumamber x600, Sunny Sweets x2 (Log in for one day)
  • Recharger Pack x1, General Jasper II x3 (Log in for two days)
  • Lumamber x100, Sublime x200 (Log in for three days)
  • Recharger Pack x1, Nightium x30,000 (Log in for four days)
  • Lumamber x100, Sunny Sweets x2 (Log in for five days)
  • Recharger Pack x1, General Jasper II x3 (Log in for six days)
  • Lumamber x100, Sublime x200 (Log in for seven days)
  • Avatar – Skull Cap Sadie, Sunny Sweets x2 (Log in for eight days)

Alchemy Stars gets new Aurorians and outfits during the event

Two new Alchemy Stars Limited-Time Recruitments will provide you the chance to bolster your boo crew with fancy 6-star Aurorians. From October 20 to November 17, the director-performer Lilica will thank participants with her presence at Kaleidoscopic Persona. She will join Mainstay Recruitment after her major debut.

Minos in Beastly Phantasm will also be performing on the spooky stage on October 20. Minos will join Mainstay Recruitment when the Limited-Time Recruitment concludes on November 17 just like Lilica did. Aurorians may dress up and get into the holiday mood now that new attire is available! If they activate (or have already activated) 80 ventilators in Into the Abyss, players can obtain Revy: Prison Menace.

Alchemy Stars One Cut of Screams Lilica
Image via Tencent

Players can still obtain Charon: Born to Act by making wishes in “Under the Spotlight” with Famous Movie Tickets. Interactive performances, dialogues, and fresh battle effects are all part of this special clothing. By participating in the wish event, you may additionally receive Lumamber, a Windelion Street Lamp for your Cloud Gardens, the limited Charon the Talented Actor avatar, the rare Bat Headband avatar frame, and Aurorian upgrading materials in addition to the new outfit. On October 20, “Under the Spotlight” will start, and it will last until December 1, 2022.

Starting on October 20 and running until October 27, you may also purchase Hedy: Acting Sheriff as a package from the store. Players can purchase it during its debut sale period for Special Star Flare x 10. After October 27, it will be available for purchase at full price in the Outfit Store until November 17.

Finally, the Outfit Store update will also permanently add the following costumes for the cast:

  • Barton: Harbored Regret
  • Eve: RW Treasure
  • Sinsa: Wasteland Ronin
  • Victoria: Mirror Mirror
  • Wrath: Silky Warrior
Alchemy Stars One Cut of Screams store outfits
Image via Tencent

As part of the Support Targeted Recruitment Event, which runs from October 20 to October 27, players might get to interact with the 6-star Aurorians Novio, Florine, Victoria, and Raphael. An Element Targeted Recruitment will begin on October 27, with Aurorians from one of the four elements being featured each week. Here’s the full schedule:

  • October 27 – November 3: Water
  • November 3 – November 10: Fire
  • November 10 – November 17: Forest
  • November 17 –  November 24: Thunder

Enjoy exciting mini-events in Alchemy Stars One Cut of Screams event

Challenge Mode’s Stone Training Camp will put your mettle to the test. By completing the Normal, Difficult, and Extremely Difficult stages, players will have the chance to acquire Lumamber and Aurorian upgrade materials. Get through all 24 of these stages’ traps between October 26 and November 17 to get your rewards!

On November 10, return to the shore as “Ocean Sovereign” events will be added to Travel Memories. Ocean Sovereign – Summer Memories and Ocean Sovereign – Endgame is playable experiences that let players acquire Jasper and Lumamber. Special Event Book Phase 11 will open for all players who completed Main Stages 1-16 come October 20. Until December 15, free, elite, and deluxe versions of the pass are available with rewards like the following:

  • Background – Mysterious Land
  • Background – Sacrifice?
  • Exclusive Background – Foggy Street
  • Exclusive Furniture – Screaming Soroz
  • Exclusive Furniture – Witch’s Cauldron
  • Lumamber x1200
  • Petrowood x3,000
  • Special Event Book Free Outfit x1: 4-Star Aurorian Wendy – Diligent Newsie
  • Special Event Book Premium Outfit x1: 5-Star Aurorian Sikare – Doctor of the Dead

Alchemy Stars’ storefront is going to be filled with new packs with exciting items

As always, a Free Upgrade Pack will appear and include Nightium x20,000, General Jasper II x20, and Order Box II x20. There will also be the following additional bundles available:

  • Petrowood Store Special Pack: Petrowood ×1,000
  • Scream Ascension Kit: Green: Green Order Box IV ×10, Green Order Box III ×30, Green Order Box II ×50, Green Order Box I ×30, and Nightium ×500,000
  • Scream Ascension Kit: Red: Red Order Box IV ×10, Red Order Box III ×30, Red Order Box II ×50, Red Order Box I ×30, and Nightium ×500,000
  • Scream Enhance Pack: Lumamber ×3,000 and General Jasper III ×50
  • Scream Recruit Pack: Lumamber x3,000
  • Scream Special Pack: Lumamber x160, Special Star Flare x1, and General Jasper II x16

From October 20 to November 17, all bundles will be available in the shop. Starting on October 27 and running through November 17, players can also purchase a Strange Special Growth Pack that contains Special Star Flare for 10 Lumamber for 3000, and an Ascension III Shortcut Pack for 1 Lumamber.

Are you excited about the Alchemy Stars Farewell One Cut of Screams event? Let us know in the comments below!

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