Alien Food Invasion: Hunt aliens for your restaurant in this soon-to-release action title

Pre-registration for the action game has started

Alien Food Invasion is an action game by the Germany-based developers Fun Flavor Games, who also worked on Hero Park. The game is set in a world where Aliens tried to invade the Earth but were obliterated when they landed on your farm and in the process, you and your family managed to figure out that they actually tasted quite nice. This led to the creation of your business where you serve up extraterrestrial beings to your customers. Alien Food Invasion is set to release at an unspecified date later in the year.

Alien Food Invasion: Hunt for Aliens to cook

Now when you cook up aliens for your business, you need a supply of them too, and luckily, you can manage to get those by going on hunting expeditions. You control a tightly knit family with Edward, his wife Grace, and their daughter Liz, as you take out any alien you come across. 

Alien Food Invasion release
Alien Food Invasion gameplay

With such a unique and funky story, it should be interesting to see what the gameplay is like. You’ll be able to control each of the three main characters and be able to shoot, slice, and dice aliens with a bunch of different weapons before you cook and serve them in your establishment.

Pre-registrations open on Google Play Store

The game’s pre-registration has started on the Play Store and it should be launching sometime soon since the trailer for the game says that it’ll be “Coming to Earth in 2021”. However, no date for release has been given yet.

It also should probably be coming out on iPhones and iPads too, since Hero Park is available on both Android and iOS; however, Alien Food Invasion isn’t up for pre-order for the latter yet.   

Are you excited about the release of Alien Food Invasion? Let us know in the comments below!

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