Popular K-drama ‘All of Us Are Dead’ to be developed as a multi-platform game

Ikina Games to develop a multilingual game version of All of us are dead

Popular South Korean game development company Ikina Games today announced that they are building a mobile game based on the original story of All of us are dead. This comes as the television series has become increasingly famous across the world, currently ranking as the 3rd most viewed content on Netflix just behind Money Heist and Squid Game within its second week from release.

In recent days, a South-Korean drama named “All of us are dead” has been hitting the charts across the globe. It is popularly being named the competition to another Korean drama that took the entertainment industry by storm, the Squid Game. “All of Us are dead” is also based on survival as a zombie infection breaks out in a school and a group of friends tries to fight their way out in fear of being infected.

All of us are dead to be developed as a story-based adventure game

The South-Korean television drama series that takes place in a school, where a failed lab experiment results in a zombie infection and the school becomes the epicenter of the virus outbreak, students are stuck inside the school with no communication to the outside world, forced to use what they have and escape the school before getting infected.

ikina games
Image via Ikina Games

Ikina Games confirmed that the company is developing a story-based adventure game based on the television series All of us are dead on its official Twitter handle. Ikina Games is popular for its survival-based games like Order Zero which also features the same situation as “All of us are dead” where players have no communication and have to fight their way towards the end of the game.

According to the company, the game is all set to release for PC by the second half of 2022, and then it will be rolled out on multiple platforms including console and mobile by early 2023. Ikina games also confirmed that the game will be localized to hit the global market as the company’s key focus is on the international market. 

For all future updates, users can follow the social media handles of Ikina games and check their official website.

Are you excited as All of us are dead mobile game is set to be developed by Ikina Games? Let us know in the comments below!

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