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Free Fire × Money Heist event: Everything you need to know

Bella Ciao!

Just a few days have passed since the conclusion of ‘Free Fire: 3volutionthird-anniversary celebrations and we already have yet another massive event ongoing. This time, it’s a collaboration with none other than La Casa De Papel a.k.a. ‘Money Heist’. It’s a Spanish Television Series which gained love and popularity all over the world. Following which, Netflix, one of the pioneer video streaming sites acquired global streaming rights. Free Fire has a very rich history of having made successful collaborations with a lot of different brands, in the past. This collab, however, stands at the helm of their most hyped up collaborations among the player base. Here’s everything you need to know about this collaboration event named Free Fire × Money Heist event.

What is in store for the players in Free Fire × Money Heist event

The ‘Free Fire × Money Heist’ collaboration is definitely one of the most massive events to have ever occurred in Free Fire. This event has got plenty of cool stuff and rewards to keep you entertained throughout this month. We will be listing down below all the changes, features, and rewards the players can get to experience and enjoy in this event.

Features of the Free Fire × Money Heist Event

1. New Spawn Island

Jumpsuits and Dali Masks all around!

The spawn island has been designed with consideration to the show in mind. It looks really bright and vibrant. There’s also a lot of people wearing the signature red zip-front coverall jumpsuit and running across the lobby carrying MP5s. They seem to be safeguarding a mysterious object, seemingly, a safe full of money inside.

2. New Plane and Blimp Skin

The Plane and Blimp, both count in as crucial aspects of your journey in Free Fire as a survivor. The Plane is getting a lot cooler lately with body paint all over it to match up with the overall theme of each month.

Free Fire × Money Heist

This time, both the flying objects have been designed aesthetically to complement the ongoing Free Fire × Money Heist collaboration. The Plane looks really awesome with the ‘black and red’ combination. The blimp has been given a rather lighter shade, in contrast to the plane.

3. Lobby Gift Tree and Spray

The lobby gift tree is a rewarding goody for you and others in your lobby. Once planted, it gives away gold or diamonds to players on the basis of ‘First Come, First Serve’. Fortunate players may get upto 100 diamonds or more through those gifting trees.

Those gift trees have been redesigned to match up with the ‘Money Heist’ theme. In the map, you may also find sprays that don’t really give any advantage but can be just sprayed off to mark a graffiti of the ongoing event.

4. New Lobby Music

Bella Ciao” meaning “Goodbye beautiful” is the song you can hear in the lobby. It’s an energetic soundtrack from the show.

In-game Events and Other exciting stuff to look for in Free Fire × Money Heist

1. New Signature Outfits

The signature red jumpsuit which can be seen throughout the show will be available in-game, as well. The costume is a very popular one among the veterans as well as newbies.

2. Faded Wheel and Money Heist themed Diamond Royale

Free Fire × Money Heist

Both the events are of luck-based spin type sort of event. The faded wheel offers the male outfit while the ‘Money Heist’ themed Diamond Royale offers the female counterpart outfit.

Free Fire × Money Heist

Both the outfits look amazing with very simple yet elegant animation. Apart from those outfits, you can also get a cool bag and an equally awesome surfboard from these events, as well.

3. Two New Exclusive Theme Emotes

Free Fire is going to introduce two new emotes that capture the essence of the entire series. Both the emotes are legendary and quite drippy. One is called “I’m rich” and the other is called “Make it Rain“.

Free Fire × Money Heist, Free Fire × La casa de papel

Both the emotes seem to express the hysteria when surrounded by a pile of money all around.

4. Heist Sidekick Event

This luck based event offers an interesting bundle that’ll really please the players who love to try out pranks and trolls in-game.

It might not have custom animations to it but still, it’s great if you’re looking for something different than the usual ‘rare bundles‘.

5. Plan Bermuda Quiz – Map Divination

It’s an entertaining web-event that will please the F2P players a little. There’s a quiz and a video tab, after successfully completing the quiz and watching all the short interactive vids, you’ll get one Diamond Royale voucher from the quiz and one from watching the videos post sharing them.

In this event, there’s more stuff that’s yet to get unlocked. In the meantime, you also get to check out as to which character from the show you can most relate to. There are also comics to entertain which will tell you more about how the ‘Professor’ is going to execute ‘Plan Bermuda’ along with other Free Fire characters.

6. New Money Heist P90 in Weapon Royale

The next weapon royale will feature a legendary P90 skin with the following stats:

Free Fire × Money Heist
Rate of Fire++
Reload Speed
‘Make it Rain’ P90 Stats

This gun is based on the ‘Money Heist’ theme. The stats are pretty cool. This is a good alternative to the Phantom, Rebel Academy, and the Punisher P90. You’ll soon get to see this in-game.

7. The Greatest Heist Event

Get Free Stuff after exchanging tokens!

In this event, complete the missions to claim tokens which can later be exchanged for the ‘Kitty Money Heist Skin‘ and a Parachute based on the same theme.

Free Fire × Money Heist, Free Fire × La casa de papel
Simple Enough Missions

When will the Free Fire × Money Heist event start?

The event has already kicked off on the 6th of September and will last till the 23rd of September. Exchanges for the rewards start from the 20th of September.

We hope you find this Free Fire × Money Heist article helpful. Also, don’t forget to drop your opinions in the comments!

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