Angry Birds Tennis soft-launches in North America

Angry Birds Tennis soft-launches in North America, the United States and Mexico for iOS devices. Another instalment by Rovio in their Angry Birds franchise. This time around you are playing against other players tennis in real-time.

What is Angry Birds Tennis all about?

This game is about competing against other players in real-time. With a selection of different game modes and various characters to unlock, you can pick and choose who and what to play.

According to PocketGamer.Biz the testing period will last for a few weeks. A global launch date has not been revealed yet, but it is expected to be released this year. However, there is no mention about the Android devices.

How to play

angry birds tennis
angry birds tennis gameplay

When you start Angry Birds Tennis a tutorial will be started and show you how the mechanics work. It is very straight forward. The field is made up of a 3×3 grid. Tap to hit the tennis ball into the middle of the field. Swiping in any direction will hit the ball to land in either of the 8 remaining squares of the grid. Win by having the most points. Holding and then tapping or swiping makes a stronger hit on the ball.

You start the game by throwing the ball, doing so requires you to throw it up and then tap again when the meter is in the white zone. Over time you can charge up your super hit.

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