App Store Awards 2021: Apple announces game of the year of iPhones and iPads

Among Us gets a shoutout as well.

It is again the time of year when top applications for mobile will be releasing the game of the year. Google’s Google Play Awards recently announced the top games of 2021. Now it’s Apple’s turn. Every year Apple App Store awards honour the best games of 2021. The App Store Awards were announced officially in their newsroom on 2nd December 2021. Unlike Google Play Awards, Apple keeps their list very simple. There are only two categories for games. 

The developers who won App Store Awards in 2021 harnessed their own drive and vision to deliver the best apps and games of the year sparking the creativity and passion of millions of users around the world,” said “From self-taught indie coders to inspiring leaders building global businesses, these standout developers innovated with Apple technology, with many helping to foster the profound sense of togetherness we needed this year.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc.

App Store Awards 2021: Game of the Year for different Apple devices

Game of the year: iPhone

iPhone’ game of the year for 2021 is none other than the “League of Legends: Wild Rift,” from Riot Games. League of Legends is a standard name in the MOBA genre for PC. When Riot Games announced there will be a mobile version of League of Legends coming, fans were excited. Riot Games made a special version exclusively for mobile called League of Legends Wild Rift.

League of Legends Wild Rift (Game of the Year for iphone)
League of Legends Wild Rift (Game of the Year for iPhone)

Especially now there have been new MOBA games for mobile coming, Wild Rift stands apart from them. Games like Mobile Legends and Pokémon Unite have been creating huge waves in the MOBA genre in Mobile Wild Rift stands by bringing the PC MOBA experience to mobile. Wild Rift has set a new standard for mobile MOBA games. 

Game of the year: iPad

iPad’ game of the year for 2021 is none other than Marvel Future Revolution from Netmarble corporation. Netmarble is known for their very good Marvel universe games for mobile, well Marvel Future Revolution is no exception to that. MARVEL Future Revolution is Marvel’s first Open World Action RPG mobile game.

Marvel Future Revolution (Game of the Year for iPad)
Marvel Future Revolution (Game of the Year for iPad)

As members of the ‘Omega Flight’ team, players will work together to battle an onslaught of Super-Villains, confront their nefarious behaviors, and defend the universe. The open-world action RPG genre in mobile is explored. This puts Marvel’s future revolution on the radar. 

App Store Awards 2021: Trend of the Year

In addition to recognizing the best apps and games on Apple devices, Apple’s global App Store editors name a Trend of the Year. The goal is to identify a movement that had a lasting impact on people’s lives and to recognize the standout apps and games that met that moment. The top trend of 2021 is “Connection.”

Among Us (Trend of the Year on App Store)
Among Us (Trend of the Year on App Store)

In this category, the most trendy and impactful game of 2021 is Among Us from Innersloth has got a shoutout. With a mix of cooperation and competition, Among Us has cultivated community through bite-size matches that urged users to talk and listen to each other via banter, bluffing, and teamwork.

What are your thoughts on the Apple App Store Awards 2021 featuring Game of the Year on various iOS devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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