Arena of Valor: Major reworks leaked from Vietnamese test server

Recently the Vietnamese test server of Arena of Valor has leaked some game-changing and game-breaking reworks as two tank support heroes- namely Mina and Omega – have received major visual and ability changes. Also, the least popular Marksmen- Wisp, has gotten a mechanical rework. 

As we know, all MOBA meta only gets stronger and stronger, with the introduction of newer and more broken heroes, old and unpopular champions get left behind in the dust and fade from the spotlight as they pale in comparison to that of the new champions. However, this rework in Arena of Valor brings hope to less popular characters as it reworks and presents them to the players completely anew, with refreshing mechanics and playstyles. This shows that the developers still remember and care for forgettable characters and is most definitely a positive sign from the developers.

Omega reworks

Omega, one of the tank support heroes in Arena of Valor has gone under major reworks as leaked from the Vietnamese test server, he received visual as well as ability updates.

Visual reworks

Splash Art renewal

Arena of Valor Omega reworks leaked from Vietnamese test server
Splash Art Before (Left) & After (Right)

3D Model changes

Arena of Valor Omega reworks leaked from Vietnamese test server
3D Model before (left) & after (right)

Ability changes

From a clunky robot with a ball for legs, Omega has evolved into an assassin looking automaton.Thankfully his kit has not changed as much as his appearance as all 3 of his abilities still have the ability to cast crowd control, veteran omega players won’t have too much of a problem re-learning their beloved support.


  • Before: Omega’s abilities deal damage to towers.
  • After: Every 6 seconds Omega’s auto-attack will be empowered into a lunge, this empowered auto-attack does extra damage to minions and stuns towers for 2 seconds.

This changes the mechanic of Omega to a large extent as the lunge largely increases his offensive potential and gives him better wave clear, this may hint at a change in role as he may become a sidelaner. 

Skill 1

  • Before: Omega receives a shield and movement speed (25/30/35/40/45/50%) for 3 seconds and his next auto attack is an AoE (area of effect) knock-up, dealing 80/210/240/270/300/330(+1.00)AD physical damage.
  • After: Omega enters a “Rampage” mode and gains movement speed and a shield for 4.5 seconds, during this time period he deals damage to and knocks up any enemies champions he runs into.

The essential idea of his S1 has not changed and remains as “gaining a shield and movement speed, knocking up the enemy” . However it generally received a buff as the duration of his received shield and movement speed has increased and became easier to use.

Skill 2

  • Before: Omega bashes enemies with a shield that deals (330/370/410/450/490/5300)( +1.40)AD physical damage and stuns them.
  • After: 5 projectiles appear around Omega and they reduce when enemies come in contact with them, if an enemy is hit by 3 projectiles- they are slowed; if they are hit by 5- Omega stuns everything in a small radius around him.

His skill 2 has definitely received a buff as it has diversified effects, being a slow and a stun, depending on how many projectiles you land. When compared to the old S2, it is a hit or miss stun, thus the new S2 allows more room for error and thus is mechanically stronger. Also, the stun area changer from a trapezoid shape in front of him to a radius around him, arguably increasing the stun area. 

Skill 3 (Ultimate)

  • Before: Omega begins to spin and knocks away everything within a small radius while dealing 200/275/350(+0.75)AD physical damage to them.
  • After: Omega gains a spinning barrier that knocks away everything within a small radius and blocks all auto attacks and tower shots directed towards Omega

The original ultimate’s use remains, however extra features, namely blocking auto attacks and tower shots have been added, becoming a blatant buff for Omega’s ultimate. The addition of these features enhance Omega’s protection capabilities and should propel him up the meta.

Mina reworks

Mina, another one of the tank support heroes in Arena of Valor has gone under major reworks as leaked from the Vietnamese test server, she received both visual as well as ability changes.

Visual reworks

3D Model changes

Arena of Valor Mina reworks leaked from Vietnamese test server
3D Model of Mina before (left) & after (right)

Ability changes

Our favourite scythe swinging queen of darkness Mina’s skillset has retained many of its original features and the manual casting is virtually identical if not optimized and the statistics of her abilities increases her sustain and tankiness in general, this is a buff for the weakest tank in the current meta.


  • Before: When Mina gets attacked, she has a chance to counterattack, dealing 50+(100%AD) +(2% Max HP) of AD Damage. 
  • After: When Mina gets attacked or attacks an opponent she will gain a stack of “Vengeance” which would allow her to gain 2% movement speed (maximum 20%) for 5 seconds. Upon reaching max stacks, she is immune to all slows and she can unleash an empowered S1. The new empowered S1 would deal true damage and she will heal for 100% the normal amount.

This is a massive buff for Mina as she has problems that resonate from her lack of a gap close. This means that she can run faster to land that crucial ultimate that can change the entire tempo of the game. If you want to reach mach 20 speeds as mina, you should aim to first apply your max stacks, then use your support item to gain more speed. After using your support item, you should try and use your sprint to boost your maximum speed. On the other hand, Mina’s engage tool could also be used to escape from sticky situations. Furthermore, this is paired with a true damage empowered Skill 1 that would increase her power in short trades and long fights. Overall, a massive buff that would probably propel her to a T1 support and possibly a strong tanky top laner. 

Skill 1

  • Before: Mina slashes her scythe in a circular motion, doing (125/150/175/200/225/250)+ (120%AD)+ (2% Max HP) of physical damage.
  • After: Mina slashes her scythe in a circular motion, (dealing 200/240/280/320/360/400) + (40%AD) + (8% Max HP) of physical damage. Mina would heal 4% + (1% for every other champion hit (Maximum 8% if all 5 champs are hit)) 

This is a large buff in terms of her overall damage output and sustain power. This allows her to make short trades during lane and increases her 3v3 potential if a skirmish happens in the bottom lane. If you utilise the skill 1 well with her vengeance stacks, you could increase your sustain substantially and you would gain more survivability during long teamfights. 

Skill 2

  • Before: Mina hooks the enemy dealing 150/185/220/255/290/325+ (70%AD) of physical damage and applies a 50% slow on all of the enemies hit lasting for 2 seconds.
  • After: Mina hooks the enemy dealing (100/120/140/160/180/200)+ (60%AD) of physical damage and applies a 90% slow on all of the enemies hit that lasts for 1.5 seconds.

This is an alright buff towards support for Mina since the slow is increased. However, the slow duration and damage have been lowered. With the lowered damage and AD ratio, this would incentivise bruiser or tank builds on Mina instead of full AD Mina Assassin builds. 

Skill 3 (Ultimate)

  • Before: Mina uses her dark controlling will to force enemies to attack her for 2 seconds. All damage taken from the enemies would be lowered by 50%. (24/20/16s cooldown)
  • After: Mina channels her dark will to force enemies to attack her for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds. All enemies in the circle will take (300/450/600 + 30%AD). (40/35/30s cooldown) and all damage taken from the enemies would be lowered by 50%.  Mina will stop moving when she casts her ultimate. Furthermore, there will be no delay when she casts her ultimate. Lastly, the bug that allows enemies to not be affected by the  ultimate has been fixed. 

This is a decent rework towards Mina’s kit. This weakens her early game power but strengthens her late game power. Mina players would need to land their ultimates with accuracy or risk being punished by a long cooldown. 

Wisp reworks

Wisp, a marksman in Arena of Valor has gone under reworks as leaked from the Vietnamese test server as well, with major ability changes.

Ability changes

Being one of the weakest and least popular marksmen in the game, it is only natural for the developers to buff her to keep her up to date with the current meta. The buffs added significantly heightens Wisp’s strength within the current meta.

Auto Attack

  • Before: 7m range
  • After: 7.5m range (the same as her auto attacks after her old S1).


  • Before: When Wisp is killed she drops 5 bombs which deal 400 physical damage to enemy heroes who step on them. If an enemy hero steps on more than one bomb they will receive 50% less damage from the bombs.
  • After: Wisp’s auto attack is split into two separate shots and does an extra 40% magic damage to stunned enemies

Instead of having a passive that is based on the assumption that you get killed, Wisp gains a passive that buffs her auto attack damage as the two separate shots can both crit respectively, thus increasing her potential damage output potential. Also, her ability to deal extra magic damage to stunned enemies pairs really well with her skill 2’s stun and helps diversify her damage.

Skill 1

  • Before: Wisp launches 4m towards a direction and her auto attacks now deal 75/95/115135/155/175(+0.75)AD  physical damage for 5 seconds. Her auto attacks deal  50% splash damage to nearby targets. The ability has a cooldown of  10/9.6/9.2/8.8/8.4/8 seconds.
  • After: Wisp launches 5m and her auto attacks deal 100/140/180/220/260/300(+0.75)AD physical damage, however is now unable to crit. After her launch, she leaves 5 bombs in her previous location that deal (0.5)AD that can crit in damage and causes enemies who step on it to have a 50% slow. The cooldown of the ability is reduced to 6/5.6/5.2/4.8/4.4/4.

By being able to leave bombs that slow enemies in her previous location and having reduced cooldown time, her ability to kite has increased sharply as when assassins try to catch her out, she can just dash aside, leaving enemies with a handful of bombs to make them reconsider their decision of catching her. However there is a slight nerf to her damage as although the base damage of her empowered auto attacks has increased, she lost the ability to crit. This actually reduces the overall damage output of the ability. When looking at the larger picture and comparing the buff and nerfs of the ability, we can see that it is generally a buff as the nerf of damage output is alleviated by the shortened cooldown- which allows her to cast it more often and thus output lower damage at a higher frequency.

Skill 2

  • Before: Wisp shoots out a moving projectile that rolls for 8m deals 200/240/280/320/360/400(+0.60)AD physical damage to enemies on its path, when exploding upon its furthest point it deals 300/360/420/480/540/600(+0.90)AD physical damage, however it cannot pass through walls.
  • After: The projectile range increases from 8m to 10m, will explode upon contact with heroes and now can roll through walls.

The change in ability to roll through walls tremendously buffs Wisp as now she has more and easier  ways of stunning enemies, she can easily proc her passive and thus deal more damage than ever before. 

Skill 3 (Ultimate)

  • Before: Wisp drops a barrage of bombs onto an area, dealing 200/275/350(+0.50)AD physical damage, enemies within the range will be slowed by 20% and the barrage can crit.
  • After: The slow has been removed but then the barrage can proc item abilities, for example Fafnir’s Talon’s passive, Frost Cape’s passive, Hyoga’s Edge’s passive.

By removing the slow and providing her the ability to proc item abilities, she can make up for her loss of the slow by purchasing Hyoga’s edge, while that happens, she can also proc other item passives, thus diversifying her impact on the battlefield. Instead of being a marksman with pure damage, she can provide more utility by slowing enemies and even providing magic damage (Blitz Blade passive). Therefore it is still considered a buff.

Final thoughts

The latest reworks in Arena of Valor as leaked from the Vietnamese test server manages to keep the core ideas of the heroes skill set intact whilst giving it a fresh spin to increase their sustainability, diversity and utility, thus helping these off meta heroes catch up with the meta and slowly work their up the meta, instead of being left behind by new and flashy heroes. However there are still many heroes who need reworks to stay in the meta or even be played at all, those such as Brunhilda, Sephera, Wiro and Preyta. Hopefully in the future forgotten champions of old will be reworked and renewed to emerge strong within the meta, yet maintaining their original playstyle and core ideas.

What are your thoughts on the latest Arena of Valor reworks leaked from Vietnamese test server? Let us know in the comment section below! If you want to read our other Arena of Valor articles, click here.

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