Arena of Valor Nakroth Guide: How to become an advanced Nakroth

Nakroth is probably the highest skill caped hero in Arena of Valor. But if you manage to master him, you will be the most unpredictable assassin on the battlefield and shred through anyone you please. By perfecting your skills you will find the absolute satisfaction of landing his engagements perfectly and butchering the entire enemy team or mess up and fly past them before they even realized your mistake. They’ll try and chase you across the map but to no avail in most cases. This Arena of Valor Nakroth Guide will be giving you the tips and tricks to become an advanced Nakroth who can carry a game with the insane mobility and burst damage provided.

Who is Nakroth?

Before going deeper into Arena of Valor Nakroth Guide, let’s get to know who is Nakroth. Nakroth was one of the very first assassin junglers to be introduced into the game and used to be the best jungler in the game. However, due to many meta shifts he has fallen from his throne. Therefore he is no longer the best of the best but he remains strong nonetheless. Low cool-down, high mobility, high damage, and amazing design– these are the factors that make Nakroth one of the main characters in the game.

The popularity of Nakroth dropped in low elos due to his high difficulty, but he still remains a pro favorite because he has more mobility than any hero in the entire game. This allows him to shine as a jungler as he can roam the map swiftly and help any teammate in need, allowing himself to assert a presence over the map like no other. That’s why you should play Nakroth too.

Core Strengths of Nakroth

  • High Gank potential due to his considerable amounts of knock-ups in his kit.
  • High mobility to support any lane at any time.
  • Powerful burst damage from empowered auto-attack and overall kit.

Arena of Valor Nakroth Guide: Build, Arcanas, and Rune

Best Build for Nakroth

1. SoulReaver

To increase damage and have some lifesteal, it’s new passive helps with 1 hit KO-ing other heroes.

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Alternate option for Soulreaver

Leviathan if you are up against strong early game characters. Consider switching this in as your jungling item to give you a slight bit more of an advantage against them.

2. Gilded Greaves

As Nakroth is all about mobility, getting CCed is definitely a bad thing for him, thankfully this item provides 35% Resistance ( swap for Death Sickle after full build )

Alternate option for Gilded Greaves

War Boots the enemy has little to no CC champs and you consider their impact to you minimal. It provides attack speed and overall makes Nakroth much more offensive and aggressive.

3. RankBreaker

An amazing item for Nakroth as it provides good amounts of damage and armor pierce and also movement speed.

4. Omni Arms

This a core item to Nakroth as it provides extra damage after every skill used. It can be used as an optimal Nakroth that would place auto attacks throughout his chain combos. Not only will he benefit from it’s passive a lot, moreover it provides a little bit of everything which is always good.

5. Claves Sancti

Although Nakroth may not benefit from the item’s passive. He can certainly utilize the 25% crit chance and the +90 damage to one-shot people with his empowered auto attacks

First Alternate for Claves Sancti

The first alternate can be Fenrir’s Tooth as it provides sufficient raw damage (+200) to make up for lower crit rates.

The Second Alternate

The second alternate comes out to be Hercules’s Madness. If the enemy team has too many damage dealers, it can serve as a protection item with it’s passive while maintaining a good increase in damage and some defense

Blade of Eternity

So you have created a full ad squishy shredder, but since this build has no defensive items so far you will need this so you won’t be afraid to rush in to pick off squishies in the late game, to give you extra confidence on taking them out.

Best Arcanas for Nakroth

1. Atrocity

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This Arcan can be used for those more frequent crits from Nakroth during the early game to aid in clearing your jungle at a higher rate.

2. Reave

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This arcan can be used so that you can have some lifesteal early game to sustain yourself.

3. Skewer

This arcan is beneficial for players as armor-piercing is always good to have on AD assassins.

Best Runesets for Nakroth

Shadowblade: Nakroth has 3 dashes, hence allowing him to fully utilize the rune’s provided buffs


Devourer: Due to the squishiness of Nakroth, surviving after a team fight may not be that easy. Thus this allows Nakroth to gain some HP regen when getting kills and assists, allowing him to stay alive a little longer

Deadly Claw: By providing an extra 12~40 attack damage, it helps boost Nakroth’s base damage and helps out his early game clear speed.

Devils awakening: After Nakroth uses his ultimate, the cooldowns for his S1 and S2 will decrease. This will be providing him more disengage or re-engage mobility, essentially allowing him to have 6 dashes.

With so many dashes at Nakroth’s disposal, he can activate the first mentioned rune more frequently and increase his average damage output.

Enhanced Restore: This rune allows Nakroth to retain his health and mana when they are low. Thus, increasing his sustainability as it reduces the number of times he needs to go back to base.

Gunslinger: This rune provides stronger snowball capability as it provides damage increase after every kill, acting as a mini item.

Strategies for Nakroth

There are two main strategies when playing Nakroth, those being The Fighter and The Funnel. We’ll discuss that next in our Arena of Valor Nakroth Guide.

Fighter: The first strategy you can play for Nakroth

Fighter. As the name states, the main action you will be doing is fighting. When starting your jungle clear, you will usually start on the jungle side Dark Slayer lane. Thus when you finish your clear you will end up at the abyssal dragon lane. Now, why would you need to be in your abyssal dragon lane? That’s because that’s usually where the enemy marksman- who should be quite squishy- is, as long as you don’t reveal your pathing the enemy marksman should be the easiest target to pick off most of the time, therefore it would be most beneficial for your first gank to be upon the abyssal slayer lane.

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After ganking the abyssal slayer lane, your next objective is the midlaner’s head, go gank mid. After that, head towards Dark Slayer lane and your jungle camps over there should be up, clear them, and head towards Dark Slayer lane for another gank. Then back to Mid, clear your abyssal side jungle, then gank an abyssal lane. So on so forth.

Your entire playstyle is basically Gank, Jungle, Gank Jungle, Gank, Jungle. By abusing Nakroth’s high mobility, the enemy jungler may not have as fast rotations as you thus allowing you to engage in many 3v2s or 2v1s, thus aiding your sidelaners to win lane and eventually gain a large advantage, further increasing your chances of winning the game as a whole.

Advantages of Fighter

This playstyle essentially revolves around Nakroth’s superior mobility relative to other junglers and high gank-ability. Thus securing the game through Nakroth’s essential strengths. A strength of this playstyle is the effectiveness of shutting down lane bullies as you create many “More vs Less” scenarios. Thus helping people who lose lane to turn the tide, watching over them, and watching over the entire battlefield as a guardian angel of sorts. After ganking their lane and allowing them to become dominant within their respective lanes, you can slow down your rhythm and focus on less stress-inducing macro tasks such as clearing minion waves and taking Dark Slayer and Abyssal Dragon for your team.

Another advantage of this playstyle is that it can lead to a large snowball and as lower elo players may not be too familiar with dealing with snowballs the match is extremely overwhelming for them and could quite possibly end in 10 minutes or less.

Disadvantages of Fighter

The disadvantages however are quite many as little people can play Nakroth well without any large gold and experience lead on the enemy and thus are unable to get kills off the enemy team, losing the main source of this playstyle’s economy- kills.

Also, this playstyle requires constant fighting and whether you win or lose really depends on if you win the ganks or not, if you lose these team fights you will lose one of your sources of the economy and eventually your stability and balance, thus losing your impact on the game itself.

Preriquisites of Fighter

The prerequisite of pulling this playstyle off is immaculate mechanical skills that ensure you can kill off the enemy even without an immense gold or experience lead.

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It also requires good macro gameplay as you will have to know which lanes need help and thus being able to provide aid on time.

Final notes on Fighter

This method is more commonly used in lower elos because the opponents positioning and mechanical skill aren’t as good. Thus creates many opportunities for ganks therefore the fights in low elo are generally easier to win. When the fights are won, you will be able to snowball and most likely win the game.

Funnel: Another strategy for Nakroth

Funneling in MOBAs refers to putting a majority of the economy of the team into one person,  note that  this method is applicable to many other characters than Nakroth. During the early game there are 3 objectives- jungle camps ( including abyssal dragon), minion waves and towers. Do not proactively think about getting kills, that is not your objective for now. Only if the enemy misplays really badly or is completely out of position- then you can try and engage.

To maximize your farm and bring the largest advantage to your team, the highest valued action for you is to steal the enemy’s jungle, thus boosting your economy and lowering theirs, however, jungle stealing is relatively risky and you should be confident in your skills to escape. When you have hyper-farmed and have an optimally 2k gold and 2-3 level lead on the enemy, then you can begin to slaughter your enemy, you will realize that your abilities and auto-attacks do overwhelming amounts of damage and can carry the game single-handedly.

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Advantage of Funneling

The benefit of this method is that you will nearly always have a healthy economy, even in a losing game. Although you may have neglected your team fights in the early game, you make up by carrying them. This is a very selfish playstyle and circulates around the interest your team will receive when deferring their current consumption of minion waves. The postulate and assumption that you in fact will most definitely carry the game if given enough economy. Thus the prerequisite of playing like this is good mechanical skills, perseverance, and the ability to take resources off the map (jungle camps and minion waves) even in adversity.

Disadvantages of Funneling

As you constantly tax wave and neglect your team to farm if they are losing lane then they are bound to turn the blame on you. Thus may lead to toxic behavior directed towards you. The only way to combat this is to carry them when you receive your win condition (a 2k gold lead and 2-3 level advantage) and show them that forfeiting their wave to you was worth it.

 Also, this method removes the carrying ability from your teammates and puts nearly all hope of winning into you so you have no room for mistakes, you are a collection of the team’s economy- if you lose, the team loses.

Final notes on this strategy

This playstyle is most commonly used when it is a losing game and the option of team fighting is a foolish one. In a losing match, one must focus on farming and evening out the economy to get a chance at a comeback.

This strategy is more commonly used in higher elo and higher skill matches. Your opponents usually have better positioning and micro gameplay, thus they won’t fall so easily under your blade, thus removing the option to use the Fighter strategy, and opting for Funneling seems perfect.

Best combos for Nakroth

Next up in the Arena of Valor Nakroth guide are the combos. There are a total of 5 types of combos you can play to guide your way to become an advanced Nakroth.

1. Basic Engage

Slide-in with your 2nd ability as you close distance to your target. Then proceed to knock them up with your 1st ability. Never miss the first cast of your 1st ability, it is the key to a perfect engagement if you do retreat and try again another time. During the period of the knockup, hit them with a normal attack. And then cast your Ultimate, dealing damage in and giving them a final knockup.

If you think you can finish them off with another hit. Use the second cast of your 1st ability to hit them once again if you see enemies rushing in and surrounding you. Then use the second cast to disengage, it might not be too late to escape. Try and knock up as many people as possible with your first S1 as this not only allows you to hit more people with your ult in this combo. It also allows you to support your team and give them room to engage.

2. Poke

Set up by shortening the gap with your 2nd ability. Knock them up with your 1st ability, land an empowered auto-attack, leave with the second cast of your 1st ability.

3. Escape

Use your 1st ability, 2nd ability, then the second cast of 1st ability again. Many players think that it does not matter how you chain your combo, but we assure you this is the best way to chain it smoothly and fluently in order to escape swiftly.

4. Bounce

S1 in to knock up the enemy, immediately S2 out, S1 out again, there should be no space in between casting the two skills. This will create an effect that makes Nakroth seem to “bounce” off his enemy. It deals less damage than the poke combo however it ensures a near-flawless escape as the bounce is so sudden the enemies have virtually no time to CC you.

5. Passerby

S1 to engage and knock up the enemy. S2 to dash behind them. Immediately use the empowered auto-attack to hit them and use your second cast of S1 to escape. This is another variation of poke and is used to get to your desired location even if an enemy stands between you and it, you can choose to skip the auto-attack if you want to get to the location quicker and don’t really mean to poke the enemy.

Tips and Tricks to become an advanced Nakroth

Finally, here are some tips and tricks that we have mentioned in our Arena of Valor guide which will help you guide your way to become an advanced nakroth in the game.

Early Game

Always prioritize leveling up your 1st ability before second because it travels a longer distance and also has a knock on the first cast. During the early game, it deals more damage too, whereas late game the second ability (and an auto-attack) deals more damage. However note that during level 1 you could go for S2 and use it 2-3 seconds before the buff spawns (27-28s mark), this helps you clear jungle faster and should be considered. But if you value stability over speed S1 is the choice for you because in case someone invades your jungle, you will have two dashes to escape or engage.

Obviously, always upgrade your ultimate as frequently as possible. Usually start at your blue buff because Nakroth is very mana reliant as he constantly spams his abilities to dash across the field at high speed, hence the blue buff with its cooldown reduction and its mana regeneration is highly beneficial for Nakroth.

Picking Objectives

Nakroth is quite bad at team fights hence it is preferred that he picks off enemy squishies when they are alone and perhaps even recalling under a tower with low health, the mobility Nakroth provides can help you get in there, kill them and get out easily.

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During team fights, Nakroth shouldn’t be quick to engage ( unless the enemy’s positioning is really bad )and wait till it is nearly over then decide whether to split push or to clean up.

During late game, don’t think that participating in team fights is the best way of contributing to the game, consider split pushing and or “tower stealing”  to win the game or further pressure the enemy team, splitting up their forces.


Steal the enemy’s farm as much as possible. Economy leads are the key to winning especially with Nakroth. In order to snowball and annihilate your opponents you must always have the economy lead. In most cases, minion wave taxation is allowed and is something you definitely should do, the only case where you shouldn’t do it is when that laner is playing really well and destroying their opponent, in this case, you should just let them snowball and carry.

Our Suggestions

Nakroth is fun but hard to play. So on your journey to mastering him, please be patient and hone your skills. Perfect it so that you can carry with this high-burst and high mobility assassin.

That’s all about the Arena of Valor Nakroth guide.

If you find this Arena of Valor Nakroth Guide helpful then make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter for more gaming news. And if you are looking for a group of mobile gamers to hang out, jump into our Discord server today.

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Damn! Great article on how to use Nakroth proficiently. It was super beneficial to my gameplay, and brought up some things that I need to keep in mind when playing this high-mobility assassin. Good job Henry, keep up the good work!

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