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Ares: Rise of Guardians is a new MMORPG announced by Kakao Games

South Korean games development and publishing company Kakao Games has unveiled its newest game Ares: Rise of Guardians in a collaboration with domestic development company Second Dive. Jo Gye-Hyun, CEO of Kakao Games has confirmed the official name of the project as Ares: Rise of Guardians which was earlier called Project Ares. Second Dive is funded by Kakao Games and is famous for its works in the development and growth of Dark Avenger under Nexon.

Under the development of Second Dive, Ares: Rise of Guardians will be a sci-fi MMORPG. Also, added to the announcement, Kakao Games has also released the trailer video of the game which contains a small glimpse of the gameplay which features different characters using weapons and equipment to fight.

Ares: Rise of Guardians teaser shows futuristic battles

Kakao Games has unveiled the 30-second short trailer of this game. The trailer contains a very small yet very intense glimpse of the gameplay of Ares: Rise of Guardians. The in-game characters can be seen traveling with their Vehicles in order to fight enemies with weapons that have superpowers in order to stop the enemy’s advance.

The trailer also sheds light on the extremely intricate graphics on the game which looks spectacular combined with the setting of the game which sort of gives it an outer-world feeling. The characters can be seen engaging in deadly fights on both land and air.

As seen in the trailer players can build their own spaceships which they will use to fight and destroy the near-future world of Dystopia. Moreover, in the trailer, players can be spotted using power suits which will give them special abilities and weapons, this means players can use all these features to plan strategic fights against monsters and invaders.

When will Ares: Rise of Guardians release globally

There is no official update regarding the release date of the game, along with no information on the platforms that the game will be available on. Currently, the project is still in the pre-production stage.

Ares Rise of Guardians
Image via Kakao Games

Kakao Games has further said that more information on the game will be gradually released through similar teaser videos. This is to make sure that their game, Ares: Rise of Guardians, gets the complete focus. Meanwhile, keep an eye here for more information about this game as soon as it is revealed by the developers.

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