Arknights: The first anime series Prelude to Dawn has been released on Crunchyroll

The mobile role-playing game Arknights, created by Hypergryph and released internationally by Yostar Games, has been available for around three years. Its distinctive gameplay and art style have drawn a large number of players, garnered nominations for the most popular game on Google Store, and placed it among the top 10 highest-grossing games in various countries on both the App Store and Play Store. The speed of Arknight has not slowed down, though. The anime series Arknights: Prelude to Dawn is finally being published after an 11-month wait since the introduction of the Arknights animation adaptation project, offering vibrant characters and a worldview that continues to broaden the influence of Arknights.

Prelude to Dawn is an anime adaptation by Arknights

The highly-anticipated anime series Arknights: Prelude to Dawn, premieres on October 28 at 10:00 a.m. (UTC-7). Audiences can experience and enjoy the animated story of Terra on Crunchyroll.

Arknights is set in a ruined world, Terra. Catastrophes of unknown origins occur across the lands. Wherever the Catastrophes hit, large amounts of crystals known as Originium can be found, bringing an incurable disease, Oripathy. Those infected with Oripathy are granted great power but are also a new source of infection. Discrimination and oppression grew amongst the suffering masses, and as a result, a mysterious rebel faction called Reunion Movement formed, and swore to shake the world.

Arknights Prelude to Dawn
Image via Yostar Games

A separate faction, Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company, gathers with both infected and non-infected people, working hard to find a cure for Oripathy, choosing to take up arms and walk its own path. Two factions with similar backgrounds but different Philosophies are about to meet, and so the story of Arknights begins.

Directed by Yuki Watanabe and produced by Yostar Pictures, Hypergryph, and Studio Montagne. Finally, the dystopian world is brought to life on film with the intention of presenting the world of the Arknights from a different angle.

In an effort to convey the message from the universe of Arknights to audiences around the globe, the animation collaborates with the well-known Japanese singer Reona, who wrote the lyrics for the opening song “Alive” for the first time. The great composer Yuki Hayashi, who has created numerous masterpieces, also joins the anime production in an effort to give viewers high-quality audio and visual experience.

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absolutely excited on how the whole series will turn out

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