AutoChess MOBA will shut down by the end of February 2023

The game is expected to return with all issues fixed

AutoChess MOBA, announced just a year before by the developer Dragon Nest, has shared the news via their Twitter handle regarding them about to shut down the servers for the game by February’s end. The developers have also provided the users with a detailed schedule before shutting down the servers.

AutoChess MOBA will be taken off the servers due to performance issues

The developers offered a very detailed explanation behind the reasons for their decision of taking down the game from the servers. They also provided a detailed series of events that will lead to the ultimate showdown of the servers. The primary reason for the shutdown of the servers and taking down the game from all the platforms available in the game is reportedly the performance issues like the lags, prolonged matchmaking time, and network issues.

Given these issues, the developers stated that it was difficult for them to fix these issues as of now and have since decided that they will be gearing towards a removal of the game both from the servers and the markets. From January 30 onwards the game will see its in-game purchases discontinued and the game itself has its additional downloadable content removed from the app stores.

auto Chess MOBA Objectives
Image via Dragon Nest

From February 6 onwards the game application will be removed from the app stores and by the end of the month, all the servers will be shut down altogether with players not being able to log in to their accounts in the game. The developers have also given out detailed steps of instructions regarding how the currency already with the players in the game will be settled in the game.

The game will come back with a polished version at a later date

The game looks far away from being discontinued, and the developers have stated in their message that they are working on a more satisfied and well-polished version of the game and will release it once all the updates are made to the game. Hence the fans need not worry about the discontinuation of the game as the game will return to the markets once the changes are made to the game to improve it.

What are your thoughts on AutoChess MOBA with the developers about to Shut down their servers for the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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I am a huge fan of MOBA games, and after the shutdown of HoN, I was missing those game dynamics (wards on elevated spots, couriers, slower game) and I found Autochess MOBA. Perfect clone for mobile. I thought about leaving LoL to play this and not they say it will close (for now)
Very sad… I hope they will be back soon

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