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Avatar Generations celebrates its Beta Anniversary with a series of new in-game updates

Avatar Generations, a free-to-play mobile role-playing game, is bringing a series of new updates in honor of the beta anniversary, as announced by CDE Entertainment and Navigator Games.

In the mobile RPG adventure Avatar Generations, players put together a squad of renowned heroes and villains while engaging with both the series’ main plot and brand-new unique content. Gamers can take on the 100-Year War, the Rise of Kyoshi, and players from all over the world in the PvP Battle Arena by assembling the most fearsome warriors from all four of the Four Nations into a single squad. Participants strategize in turn-based combat, utilizing team synergy and formations.

Avatar Generations is celebrating its Beta anniversary with a plethora of fan-favorite content

Avatar Generations is based on the adored animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender on Nickelodeon. With all of this fan-favorite content, The Last Airbender, a free-to-play mobile RPG available on Apple iOS and Android devices, is celebrating its anniversary.

Avatar Generations Beta Anniversary
Image via Square Enix Ltd.

Event Quests, the game’s greatest update since the Rise of Kyoshi update in April, introduces new Narrative Campaigns and Battle Challenges, both of which allow players to gain powerful and exclusive rewards. A journey with TEAM AZULA has replaced the ZUKO ALONE Event Quest:

  • Team Azula: The highly anticipated coming of Azula, the fierce Fire Nation Princess, and her talented companions, Ty Lee and Mai, in an all-new Event Quest about their military occupation of Omashu, now called New Ozai. 
  • Guilds: This new feature allows players to connect socially and earn exclusive rewards by adventuring together. 
  • Zuko Alone: Fire Nation fugitives Ronin Zuko and Traveler Iroh joined the fray in early August alongside an Event Quest based on the “Zuko Alone” episode

Players can access this free Event Quest until August 29, 2023, which is now over. But not to worry for the players as more future-themed events will also be available. Players who join guilds can communicate with one another, have access to special game modes and rewards, create custom profile banners, move up the internal guild leaderboards, and more.

Players can compete with other Guilds for high scores in guilds, and the strongest guilds will receive the biggest raid rewards. Avatar Generations will continue to add new and original franchise content to the game, in addition to adding Avatars and their stories from across the Avatar universe.

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