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Avatar: Reckoning new trailer is showcased at the Tencent Games SPARK 2022

At the just-concluded SPARK 2022, Zulong Entertainment, Tencent Games, Lightstorm Entertainment, and Disney jointly released the trailer of their upcoming RPG game Avatar: Reckoning. This mobile shooting RPG game features excellent visual effects and a variety of shooting RPG game elements. The video game Avatar: Return to Pandora was created by Zulong Entertainment and debuted in China before being distributed worldwide by Tencent Games.

The trailer showcases an infinite adventure on the planet of Pandora

As it can be seen in the trailer, players will be transported back to the fantastical planet, Pandora. They will meet a broad variety of alien species, explore the stunning and complicated terrain, and be enthralled by it. Players will assume the role of “Avatar” when they first start the game, land on the New Na’vi clan and RDA’s extraterrestrial battlefield, begin a new chapter in the narrative, and begin an entirely new shooting RPG adventure.

The original wetland map panorama from the game is displayed at the beginning of the trailer, which revives everyone’s memories of Pandora. Avatars standing in the distance, dense clusters of suspended mountains, towering ancient trees, sacred sites protected by enormous stone arches, and banshees soaring freely in the sky. Everything seems to be waiting, including magnificent mountains and rivers and special ecology. Take the player on exploration and adventure.

Following the screen show, the calm atmosphere was abruptly disturbed as the “SA-2 Hercules tilt-rotor cargo aircraft” screamed in the sky. The minds of the audience shifted as the Banxi creatures fired down the transport plane. escorted back to Pandora’s warfronts.

Avatar: Return to Pandora trailer
Image via Tencent Games

As the trailer progresses, it depicts strange creatures battling Pandora, including the lightning beast with black fangs and pointed teeth, the hammer-headed thunder beast with a huge body and aura, etc. The war broke out, and the visual effects were intense, making viewers feel as though they couldn’t help but want to take on the role of Avatar to participate in the thrilling and vivid experience of this epic battle.

Avatar: Reckoning will bring an innovative shooting experience in different dimensions

You may not only experience the wonder and beauty of the planet Pandora in this exclusive trailer from the SPARK 2022, but you can also view the game’s original gameplay. The major gameplay information that is anticipated to be shown is the shooting RPG mobile game, paired with the collision of cold weapons and firearms in only a few seconds, showing the game’s diversification in the second half of the trailer. Additionally, gamers will experience shooting in new ways in several “dimensions” thanks to diverse shooting options and techniques.

Avatar: Return to Pandora trailer
Image via Tencent Games

Avatar: Reckoning was originally announced during the 2022 Tencent Games Annual Conference, and the game’s official website was also launched at the same time. To keep up with the game, you can visit the official website or can also keep an eye out here to know more information about the game as soon as it comes out.

What are your thoughts on the trailer of Avatar: Reckoning? Let us know in the comments below!

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