Azur Lane introduces Abyssal Refrain event with new Shipgirls, a new map, skins and more

Update comes packed with exciting new features!

Azur Lane, a naval shoot ’em up mobile game, is introducing a new event called Abyssal Refrain. The Northern Parliament has gathered to face a new threat, and five new shipgirls, including one Ultra Rare character, will make their appearance in this update. A new Event Map, a mini-event, and a slew of new skins are also on the way for commanders.

Abyssal Refrain will feature a mini event with exciting rewards

From now until March 9th, Abyssal Refrain will showcase the new Event Map, which is made up of four maps and will guide commanders through Northern Parliament’s covert activities. The Call to Arms: Northern Parliament preparatory event is also now available. Commanders can win the exclusive portrait frame “Seal of the Polar Star” by collecting Training Pts by fully Limit Breaking event characters and completing special missions with Vampire, Pamiat’ Merkuria, Mikasa, and Avrora.

Five new Shipgirls will be introduced in the event

Northern Parliament is home to all five of the new shipgirls. This new event features one Ultra Rare character, Kronshtadt, two Super Rare characters, Volga and Kiev, and two Elite characters, Arkhangelsk and Soobrazitelny.

The event construction pool can be used to gain the majority of the newly added characters. Limited-time pricing will be available in Kronshtadt, Volga, and Arkhangelsk. Kiev can also be earned through Event Map Drop and exchanged for at the Event Shop, in addition to the event construction pool. Soobrazitelny is only accessible as a Milestone Reward for Event Points.

azur lane abyssal refrain event ultra rare character
Image via Yostar Games

Kronshtadt’s skill 1 allows her to fire a unique barrage once when the main cannon is fired a specific number of times as a brand new Ultra Rare character. Skill 2 can reduce a ship’s DMG by using the Armor-Piercing Shell, as well as unleash a specific barrage using her secondary gun.

When Kronshtadt’s HP is low, she can use skill 3 to replenish it. Any commander’s fleet will benefit from this formidable character.

The event shop will feature eight new themed skins

Eight new themed skins have been released, including two Live2D skins for Kronshtadt and Kirov, Begin the Rush! and Drifting Justice. When commanders log in to Azur Lane during the event, they will receive two rental outfit vouchers. Kronshtadt – Begin the Rush! (L2D), Kiev – Backstreet Silver Sonata, and Avrora – Not Cut Out For This? are the skins that each coupon can be used on. The Abyssal Refrain Lucky Pack is also complete.

What are your thoughts on the Azur Lane Abyssal Refrain Event? Let us know in the comments below!

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