Azur Lane celebrates its 5th Anniversary with new Events and Offline Activities at USS Hornet Museum

Azur Lane, a naval shoot’em up mobile game, celebrated its 5th anniversary on August 13th, with an update on its most recent event, “The Fool’s Scales.” The new event will include 6 new characters, 10 new skins, the Yorktown Oath skin, furniture sets, and multiple rewards.

On August 13th, a special offline celebration event at the USS Hornet Museum was also held successfully. In addition, LIZ’s new soundtrack “Ain’t Backing Down” has been released, along with an engaging anime music video.

The Azur Lane team held a grand party at the USS Hornet Museum to appreciate the five years of the game

Azur Lane set the tone for “Our Story, Our Voyage” for this anniversary, with the dev team deciding to hold the party at the USS Hornet Museum to honor the five years of shared voyages and evoke offline memories from the first year, when the journey began with Commanders.

Exclusive Commander celebrations were organised at this unique and commemorative location, including two well-designed Itasha car displays, a cosplay show with over 20 cosplayers, a DJ performance, and other special events, providing Commanders with an immersive celebration vibe. Azur Lane and the Commanders shared their hopes for creating everlasting memories that will last for many years to come.

About The Fool’s Scales and 6 New Shipgirls in Azur Lane

The “The Fool’s Scales” event will take place between August 17th and August 30th, 2023. The event brings together shipgirls from Iris Libre and Vichya Dominion, who meet with Commanders and tell the story of their future days together.

Five dedicated new shipgirls are set to make waves in the Construction Pool, drawing inspiration from elegant palace dress designs. The Super Rare Battleship Clemenceau, the Super Rare Light Cruiser Guichen, the Elite Battleship Lyon, and the Elite Heavy Cruiser Suffren are four of the standout shipgirls now enjoying a rate-up in this limited Construction Pool.

Commanders can obtain the Super Rare Aircraft Carrier Painlevé through construction or by traveling to the event stage for an exchange. Furthermore, as rewards for completing event stages, the new Elite Destroyer Kersaint and brand-new gear, the “Triple 152mm Mle 1930 Main Gun Mount T0,” are available for redemption.

Fate Simulation’s exciting addition for Chkalov, Prinz Rupprecht, and Harbin awaits Commanders, bringing stronger PR ships and various equipment to strengthen their formations. In addition, West Virginia, a Retrofit shipgirl, is made permanent in this update, assisting Commanders in powering up their fleet.

Players stand a chance to reap an abundance of rewards in various events as a part of Azur Lane 5th Anniversary

To add to the excitement, all Commanders have the opportunity to win a plethora of rewards in various events. There’s a new skin for Kiev, furniture, gear skins, a 5th Anniversary Invitation, and an exclusive portrait frame among them.

Commanders who log in during the event period receive two rental outfit vouchers redeemable for a variety of dazzling skins: ‘Splendid Breeze’ (L2D) for Clemenceau, ‘Diving Under Blue Skies’ (L2D) for Enterprise, and ‘Shimmering Triangle Wave’ (L2D) for Helena.

During the celebration, Yorktown will receive a new oath skin, strengthening the Commanders’ bond with Yorktown. Meanwhile, Clemenceau (L2D), Enterprise (L2D), Helena (L2D), Painlevé, and six other shipgirls have new sportswear and swimsuit skins to enjoy the summer. In addition, 10 rerun skins have been added back to the shop, and 8 skins, including Sirius and Black Prince’s L2D skins, are now permanent. The Palais Élégant furniture set is also now available.

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