Azur Lane Upon the Shimmering Blue event: Skins, rewards, and more

Special 4th anniversary event!

Yostar‘s popular action title Azur Lane has launched its brand new event, Upon the Shimmering Blue. The Sakura Empire’s fleets have discovered the legendary Dragon Palace and have decided to unearth the secrets behind it. The latest event features 6 new shipgirls including an Ultra Rare Destroyer, Shimakaze, and over 20 new skins that will be released throughout September.  

Azur Lane Upon the Shimmering Blue event bringing new characters and rewards

6 shipgirls have made their debut in Upon the Shimmering Blue: An Ultra Rare Destroyer Shimakaze, who excels in torpedo attack and buffing other fleets, a Super Rare Aircraft Carrier Katsuragi, and two Elite Destroyers Yura and Umikaze are getting rate-up in the limited construction pool.

Additionally, an Elite Destroyer Yamakaze serves as the milestone reward for players while a Super Rare Heavy Cruiser Chikuma can be obtained as a drop-in event map or exchanged in the event shop. Players can adventure in Upon the Shimmering Blue event maps and earn points to exchange for the exclusive new gear, Shimakaze-class 610mm Quintuple Torpedo Mount. 


Players also can fully limit break the event characters and complete missions using the following characters, Nagato, Jintsuu, Inazuma, or Ikazuchi to accumulate training points to receive the limited portrait frame, “Ryugu’s Acknowledgment’”. A limited outfit for Michishio is also redeemable for free through clearing daily missions starting on September 23rd and rental outfit vouchers are available for use on several new arrivals, including all the new Live2D skins. 

Players will receive multiple skins update in the event

In this update, the new furniture set, Manjuu Summer Festival, is filled with different Natsumatsuri elements, letting players dive into the celebrating vibe. 

8 Bunny Girl-themed skins have been launched in the event shop including World’s Speediest Bunny Waitress for Shimakaze (Live2D) and Listless Lapin for Le Malin (Live2D). To celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, 2 new festival-themed skins for Eldridge and Marblehead are also available. Up to 11 popular party dresses have returned to the event store such as The Crane that Dances With the Wind (Live2D) for Shoukaku, Dark Red Grin for Roon, and Cordial Cornflower for Prinz Eugen

Apart from the returned party dresses, Azur Lane will also introduce 9 fresh party dress designs in Mid-September including a Live2D skin for Cheshire. The surprise does not end here, oath skins for Taihou, York, and Noshiro will also be coming soon.

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